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So in its 7th virtual event of Google for India, The silicon valley Tech giant announced some new Google Pay Features for their India based app Google pay for UPI Payments. And some highlights of the features is splitting bills with friends, Hinglish mode of the app and entering account number with voice. Now let’s start with this cool tech in detail.

New Features in Google Pay India (2021)

1>> Bill Split Feature in Groups

Bill Split Feature in Groups

Here Google Pay is now making its services more user friendly and launching the Group feature and also with the new “Bill Split”. Now with this new feature as the name clearly tells that. You can split your dinner, lunch or anything with your friends or family. Users can get this feature later this year. They can easily find an option of the “Split an Expense” button in their group at the bottom. They will also see this option while creating a new group.

2>> Hinglish Language Option

Hinglish version of Google pay

The Hinglish language option is obviously a really good and needful feature because this app is only used in India. In a report on stage at the Google for India event. Around 350 Million and more people of India use Hinglish to communicate over the internet on daily basis. That’s why Google Pay decided to release this type of feature later in 2022. You can see the screenshot for the latest options under new google pay features for Hinglish language.

3>> Use Voice to Input Account Numbers

Use Voice to Input Account Numbers

This will be a really good feature when it comes to typing an account number while switching between apps for a bank transfer. So here is the simple solution from Google pay. That user can now use a mobile microphone to speak and enter their account number in the field. You can type your number by clicking on that icon and start speaking your account number in Hindi or English. After that, it will type your voice into text.

4>> MyShop on Google Pay Business

MyShop on Google Pay Business

This feature is last but not least will be for the Google Pay Business owners, Here it will provide a way to make their small shops or businesses to online presence. This platform will give the option of Google Pay, Maps and Search. This new Google Pay features will be known as MyShop where merchants can add their products and details as well as photos from the app.

They can add general information, opening hours, delivery policies, and more to their digital storefront, as explained by Google on stage at the event today. So yeah, there are the four new features coming to Google Pay very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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