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5 Best Android App Killer You Should Use

5 best killer app for android to use

In this technical world and smartphone world, everybody is using smartphone as Android or iOS. And also they have with good performance and best battery life. But this situation is not same for every smartphone users, there are lots of users not using latest smartphone or latest Android operating system. Android App killer help them to boost the performance.

And we also know, a large community of Android users uses mid range of outdated smartphone. And for this it is true , they are not even getting good performance nor good battery life from their devices.  

And also if you are one of them, and wondering to improve your smartphone battery life and performance. Then this article is only for you.   So here we have collected the list of the best app killers for Android.

Best App Killers for Android in 2020

1. Greenify:

Often looking for a best battery saver app then Greenify is the best option for you. Which works smoothly and a best task killer app which never claim to kill the apps. This works to identify that types of apps, which are continue using your battery in the background. Which is not even necessary and it limits their time of use battery in the background.

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And for this it improves the battery life, It is available for the android user 6.0 or marshmallow or above.  If your smartphone is getting old then greenify is the best way to improve the battery life. And even by hibernating the background app it also improves the smartphones from lagging also then it provides both solution of low battery and phone lagging.

If you have a rooted device then greenify can also be a good choice, because at this moment it give extra features to improve the battery even you can blacklist the app for background also. This android app killer is also effective.

Download: Greenify(Free)

2. KillApps:

KillApps is also a better option to killapps and available on the play store. By the naming convention it is clearly mean that it can kill those apps which are running in the background with the one tap. And also it helps to block apps also from the background use so that you can easily save your battery life.

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And the best part of these features is that it supports both the system and third party apps also. Which clearly means that you can even restrict the apps provided by google it self like google play etc and you can also set your own rules for background battery usage for any app.

This app also gives you features like efficient use of memory, ram cleaner, speed booster and many more. Here you also set the killapps to to the auto mode to kill the app in the background. Here we get a android app killer in this app.

Download: KillApps(Free)

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3. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

To kill apps on android, Kaspersky is another one option for the android users also. The app is based on to improve the battery life and extend it by limiting or stoping the background apps. And it can also improve the performance significantly. It gives you authority to shutdown the apps and also limits their usage of battery in the background.

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It can blacklist your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Also but you can easily unblock it from the scanner list. The best part or features of this app its detailed battery stats and meaningful than the Android default.

You can also manually check which app is draining battery more and also get notified about app behaviour. It also measures the real time activity of apps, where you can easily check apps using more battery in the background. This is an example of android app killer which boost the smartphone.

4. App killer and Manager:

To kill the apps limit in the background, App killer and manager is one of the suitable android apps that works effectively measure the usage of battery by apps in the background and limits or close them. 

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With the one tap you can see all the apps running, hidden or any services and using smartphone resources like RAM, CPU etc, inspect all those and restrict if needed. It also looks RAM and can also freeze it for better battery performance.

App killer and manager have also a dedicated memory cleaner. Which always search for unwanted activity of RAM by apps in background and kills them automatically. It has a great feature where you can get a detail usage of third party apps. Where it describes all the activity of the apps like RAM usage, CPU usage, battery draining in the background. 

This also contains lots of features like blacklist apps and many more you should try this.

Download: Free

5. Naptime:

Naptime is a top level apps for taking care of battery system. Because it uses lots of smartphone’s built in settings to improve your battery life by which it is my favorite and best of all because it works for you when you smartphone screen is off. And this aggressive Doze option stop working as soon as you turn on your smartphone screen.

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Which means when you are using the device it does not affect any processes on the device. This app needs the smartphone to be rooted, and for this you have to root your smartphone also. But if you don’t want to root your smartphone, then there is also a way where you can grant Naptime DUMP permissions via ADB by doing a couple of commands that can let you use the app. 

And this app is not for the absolute beginners, this is for them who know a little bit about how ADB works.

Download: Free

Incase you don’t want to be depend on third party apps. Then you use the developer option in your settings to do all these stuffs. I hope will love the information of the Best Android App Killer You Should Use given by us. If you like it don’t forget to react on it like, comment and share to your friends and families. Thanks for your valuable time. Team SaimFollow

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