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Thank you for visiting our thorough guide to the “Best Earphones Under 1500.” Having a trustworthy set of earbuds doesn’t have to break the budget in these age of music and content consumption. We know how important it is to locate high-quality headphones on a tight budget, which is why we’ve compiled this list of our favourite choices for you. Let’s start now!

Why Choose Earphones Under 1500?

Why should you think about purchasing earphones in this price range? So the key is affordability. Students, young professionals, and anyone else looking for value for their money can get best earphones under 1500. These affordable earphones may not be high-end, but they nonetheless provide respectable sound quality and necessary functions that improve your music experience.

What to Look for in Earphones Under 1500

Knowing which qualities to value most is vital before making a purchase. Listed below is a list:

Sound Quality: Choose earbuds with powerful bass and crisp highs for the best sound quality.

Comfort and Fit: For a secure fit, choose best earphones under 1500 that come with a variety of ear tip sizes.

Durability: Choose earbuds that can resist regular wear and tear for durability.

Noise Isolation: Consider using noise-canceling earbuds to create a more immersive environment.

Additional Features: In-line controls for calls and playback, a good microphone for crystal-clear voice calls, and any additional features that improve usability.

Price Range: Stay within your means; there are great solutions for best earphones under 1500.

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Top Picks – Best Earphones Under 1500

BoAt Rockerz Trinity Bluetooth Earphones

Price: 1299


: Available in Kutch White, Just Blue, and Cosmic Black.

Bluetooth v5.2 is used in connectivity technology to provide a stable wireless connection.

Added Bonuses: Features a remarkable 150 hours of playback time, a quick 10-minute ASAP charge, BEAST mode for improved performance, ENx technology for crystal-clear sound, 10 mm audio drivers for high-quality music, dual pairing for multitasking, and IPX5 water protection for outdoor activities.

Warranty: For additional peace of mind, there is a 1-year warranty included.

boat earphones under 1500


Good Battery Life: You won’t need to keep looking for a charger all the time thanks to the remarkable 150 hours of playtime.

Flexible and light-weight neckband: Ensures comfort during extended listening sessions and physical activity.

Dual Device Connectivity: Easily connects to two devices at once, making it ideal for multitasking or juggling calls and music, this makes it a best earphones under 1500 range .


Weak Noise Cancellation: To better drown out outside noise, the noise cancellation feature may be improved.

JBL Tune 215BT Wireless Earphones 

Price: 1299


Colours: Available colours include black, blue, green, and white.

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth 5.0 is used in the connectivity technology to ensure dependable wireless communications.

Special Features: Comes with a 3-button remote for easy control and a strong 12.5mm dynamic driver. It can be used for up to 16 hours on a single charge and enables multi-point connectivity for flexible usage.

Warranty: Includes a one-year warranty for additional security.

jbl earphones under 1500


Good Battery Life: With a battery life of up to 16 hours, you may listen to music for a long time without needing to recharge.

Convenient Control: The neckband’s inbuilt 3-button remote makes controlling your music and phone calls simple and quick.

Comfortable Fit: These best earphones under 1500 were made to be comfortable, and they provide a comfortable and secure fit for extended listening periods.


No Noise Cancellation: These earphones lack noise cancelling technology, which may make it difficult to effectively block out background noise in busy circumstances.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Bluetooth Earphones 

Price: 1198


Colours: Available colours include blue, black, green, and white.

Connectivity Technology: Wireless connectivity is available because to connectivity technology which is good feature in this best earphones under 1500.

Special Features: Provides 88ms ultra low latency for lag-free music, an 11.2 mm bass boost driver for better audio, environmental noise cancellation, support for multi-device switching, and IPX4 water resistance. It also promises a long-lasting 17 hours of battery life.

One-year warranty is included for your added peace of mind.

realme earphones under 1500


Lightweight: The small weight of these earbuds makes them cosy for extended listening sessions.

Multi-Device Switching: For flexible usage, you can easily switch between several devices.

Water Resistant: These earphones have an IPX4 rating, making them resistant to splashes and mild rain, making them appropriate for usage outside.


Average Neckband Build Quality: The neckband’s construction is regarded as average, which could affect how durable the earphones are in general.

BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Earphones 

Price: 1000


Colours: The colours include Active Black, Furious Blue, Maroon Madness, Navy Blue, Purple Haze, and Teal Green, among other vivid selections.

Connectivity Technology: Uses Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable wireless connectivity. Connectivity technology.

Special features: Offers a 60-hour battery life that is outstanding, ASAP charging, 10mm drivers for high-quality music, IPX7 water resistance, support for dual pairing, and a voice assistant for enhanced convenience.

Warranty: For your peace of mind, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

boat earphones under 1500


Simultaneous Dual Device Connectivity: Dual device simultaneous connectivity enables you to utilise the headphones with two devices simultaneously.

Fast Charging and Longer Battery Life: This best earphones under 1500 has quick charging capabilities and a long battery life to make sure your music lasts all day.

Budget-friendly: Offers great value for the money, making it a cost-effective option for high-quality earphones.


Lack of Support for Play/Pause Function: These headphones do not support the play/pause function, necessitating the usage of the connected device to control playing.

Realme Buds Wireless 2S 

Price: 1499


Design: In-ear canal headphones provide stability and comfort.

Eartip Sizes: Three different eartip sizes are included for a custom fit.

Microphone: Built-in microphone allows for crystal-clear audio calls.

Driver Size: For high-quality audio, it has an 11.2 mm driver.

Features: Features include internal controls for simple playback and call management, sweat-proof construction for workouts, a foldable design for convenience, and noise suppression for an immersive listening experience and many more features are available in this best earphones under 1500 price range.

Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 is used for connectivity, providing a steady wireless connection with a maximum range of ten metres.

Battery: The device is powered by a Li-Polymer battery that can last for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Warranty: One-year warranty is provided as additional security.

realme wireless earphones under 1500


Customizable Fit: A range of eartip sizes guarantees a secure and pleasant fit for different users.

Noise Cancellation: Enjoy better audio quality with noise cancellation, perfect for clear calls and engaging music.

Sweat-Proof: Created to endure perspiration, making them appropriate for physical activity and active lives.

Foldable Design: The foldable design improves portability and makes it easier to carry them.

Long Battery Life: Reduces the need for frequent recharging by providing an astonishing 24 hours of speaking time on a single charge.


Charging Time: It takes about 2 hours to fully charge, which some users may find to be excessively long.

Buying Guide

Think about brand reputation, customer reviews, and warranty while looking for best earphones under 1500. These elements can aid in your decision-making and guarantee that you get the most out of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We acknowledge that you might have some inquiries, therefore let’s go through some frequently asked ones:

Q: Do budget earphones compromise on sound quality?

A: No, not always. A lot of inexpensive headphones have excellent sound quality. Look for models with favourable ratings and qualities that are important to you.

Q: Are these earphones suitable for workouts?

A: Some of them are made to remain in place throughout physical activity and outdoor pursuits. Look for qualities like sweat resistance and a secure fit in the price range of best earphones under 1500.

Q: Can I use them for phone calls?

A: Definitely. The majority of affordable earphones have a built-in microphone for crystal-clear audio calls.


In conclusion, it is not only doable but also a wise investment to locate the best earphones under 1500. To enjoy high-quality sound and convenience, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Examine our top choices and pick the one that best meets your needs.

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