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Android Apps can Use Google Assistant: New Feature Launched

Android Apps can Use Google Assistant: New Feature Launched
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There is good news for Android Apps and Android smartphone users. Google has rolled out many new features for Android. And the good news is that. These features are available for the new version as well as for the smartphones running an older version of Android

These features has been launched for apps like Google Duo, Google Assistant, and for smartphones. And it will be more helpful for the users also.

Google Assistant

Take Google Assistant Help to Use Android Apps

According to the new feature, users can now take help of google assistant to search any app or to use that app. To do this, they don’t have to do more things. Just say like ‘Hey Google read posts from Twitter’ or ‘Play music from Spotify’. And for this Google has done partnership from companies like Walmart and Spotify.

Duo Android Apps

Google has enabled the screen sharing option in Google Duo during the video call. And also added some automatic captions during video messages. And this is for those who can’t hear properly during video and audio. This will be helpful for those who do work from home and use Google Duo for video calls.

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Sound Notification

A new sound notification feature has been launched also. This feature will show a notification to users on any door-knocking, fire alarm, beeping of household appliances and waterfall etc. This will let people know what is happening in their house. And also this feature can be easily embedded running over OS.

Action Block App

Action block app has been updated in the new update. Through this, people with higher age and cognitive disabilities can speak easily using short sentences. Along with this, it has been released with thousand of communication symbol photos. So that people can easily communicate with each other. And this app also supports Japan, German, Italy language also.

Spam Calling Feature

Google has announced last month that it will stop the spam calling activity. Now Google’s phone app on the smartphone will tell the spam caller where he is from. This feature is launched for the Android Version 9 or above.


This the features of Android Apps and for the Google Assistant app which will be too much beneficial for all the Android smartphone user.

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