Best Google chrome shortcut keys

Best Chrome Shortcut Keys:

Every internet user always attached with some browsers, social websites and others. But all the the time they use a browser to browse anything. At this time with the help of shortcuts key, everyone want their work faster.
So in this article we will discuss for some important and best Google chrome shortcut keys, which will make your busy life a little smoothly.
It will save your lots of time like as a working Digital Marketer, YouTuber, or any other online work. You invest lots of time ( minimum 4 hours ) using chrome browser. And during these work if you will use shortcut keys then you can save upto 45 to 60 minutes according to chrome survey.
If you will convert it into weeks then it will be enough to do some other stuffs in these time. And everyone knows time saving is too much effects the upcoming works.
There are lots of chrome shortcut keys in the chrome browser but we will discuss best of them. So here is the list below.

1>> Sudden Search:

If you are using chrome and open google to search something and open any website then suddenly you thought to search another thing, then you have to move cursor to the url section or back button then you will click and start typing. But this is not going to happen now because there is a shortcut key for chrome.
Just press  “ctrl + k   or  ctrl + e”. And yo will directly move to the url section easily.
10 Best Google Chrome Shortcut Keys for Daily Use
Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

2>> Instant Bookmark Page:

Suppose you are on a page and some article suits you to read later then you will try to bookmark it and again you have move your cursor no don’t do that just press  ” ctrl + d ” and then press ” enter key ” it will automatically bookmark that page for you.
10 Best Google Chrome Shortcut Keys for Daily Use
Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

3>> Search into the Page:

Now think about a page where someone is telling about a word or title to see but you are searching in the whole page. Now don’t do these steps just press the chrome shortcut keys ” ctrl + f ” and you will see a search screen where type the word and just press ” enter key “. You will see all your results easily. 
10 Best Google Chrome Shortcut Keys for Daily Use
Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

4>> Shortcut to Close Tab:

If you are over a tab and completed the task on that tab then you want to close the tab, you will move your cursor to close the tab but there is also a shortcut to close tab. Just press ” ctrl + w ” and your current tab will be closed.
And if you though that the tab was closed by mistake then just press ” ctrl + shift + t ” and the removed tab will be back.

5>> See all the Code of the Page:

If you want to see the coding of a page then chrome allows users to see the frontend code and to do this you basically right click and go to the open page source  so don’t do like that just press ” ctrl + u ” and you can easily see the magic.

6>> Open new Tab:

If you want to open a new tab then you will move cursor to the plus sign and then new tab will happen. But just use the ” ctrl + t ” and new tab will be open in just one press.

7>> Copy URL:

If you want to copy the url then you will go the url section and then click after that you will copy the ulr. But wait just use the chrome shortcut keys ” ctrl + L  and  ctrl + c ” and the url will be copied to your clipboard easily.
10 Best Google Chrome Shortcut Keys for Daily Use
Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

8>> Move from one Tab to Another:

If you are working on a tab an there are number of tabs open and you want to go to tab 6 so don’t move your cursor just press the chrome shortcut keys ” ctrl + tab no like 5 in this case ” and you will easily move to that tab.
If you press ” ctrl + tab ” then you will move 1 tab to right side of your tab and so on.

8>> Support from Chrome:

Chrome gives the users to learn or support that how to use google chrome and all well there is a shortcut key available here. Just press ” f1 ” key and chrome browser will redirect you to the support section.

9>> Show or Hide Bookmark Bar:

Sometimes you see there is bookmark bar where you can easily click and go to your favourite web pages. But sometimes you see it is hide now to show you have to go on three dots and then click on bookmark where you will see the show or hide bookmark. But just use chrome shortcut keys ” ctrl + shift + b ” and you will see the reflection.

10>> Some Other Chrome Shortcut Keys:

There are lots of chrome shortcut keys available like new window ” ctrl + n “,  new incognito window ” ctrl + shift + n “,  History ” ctrl + h “, Downloads ” ctlr + j ”  and more.
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