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Due to its adaptability and compatibility with contemporary gadgets, Type C earphones have seen a major increase in popularity in recent years. We’ll examine the top Type C earphones available in this thorough study. We have the top options in this category if you’re looking for convenience or improved sound quality.

What Are Type C Earphones?

The Type-C connector is used for audio connectivity in Type C headphones, also referred to as USB Type-C earphones. Type C connectors allow digital audio transmission as opposed to conventional 3.5mm audio jacks, resulting in better sound quality and less signal interference. These headphones are made to function perfectly with a variety of gadgets, including tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Why Choose Type C Earphones?

Superior Audio Quality: Type C earbuds deliver high-resolution audio with crystal-clear sound and less distortion.

Universal Compatibility: These headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to Type C’s emerging standard in many electronic products.

Convenience: Type C earphones can be plugged in either way without concern about orientation because they are reversible.

Digital audio: The transmission of digital signals reduces signal loss and interference, producing audio of higher quality.

Key Features to Consider

The following important characteristics must be taken into account while selecting Type C earphones:

Sound quality: Look for earbuds that support high-resolution audio formats and have high-quality speakers.

Comfort and Fit: To ensure a pleasant and secure fit, use ergonomic designs with a range of ear tip sizes.

Durability: To ensure lifetime, look for sturdy construction and materials.

Noise Isolation: Earphones that are good at blocking out background noise might improve your listening experience.

In-line Controls: Convenient in-line controls let you change the volume, answer calls, and manage playback.

Price Range: Take your spending plan into account and look into options that fall within it.

Top 5 Type C Earphones

These top 5 Type C earphones, each with a special set of features, are listed below:

Google Pixel Type-C Earbuds: An Audiophile’s Delight

The Google Pixel Type C Earbuds can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for outstanding audio quality and a seamless listening experience. The performance of these earphones, which are included with the Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones, is nothing short of amazing.

Aspects that Stand Out

These Type-C earphones’ innovative design is what makes them stand out. These earbuds are expertly made and have a plastic construction that radiates sophistication. Notably, the Pixel Buds’ ear-hooks are cleverly created to effortlessly accommodate a range of ear sizes. The fact that they can be easily adjusted by pulling, doing away with the necessity for replaceable ear tips, is a unique feature.

The highlight, nevertheless, goes to the sound quality. The Pixel Type C Earphones stand out among the available USB-C headphones. The highs and mids are expertly balanced, and the bass is strong without being overbearing. These all-plastic miracles provide amazing comfort despite not having the silicone tips often found in earphones. They also stay in your ears very firmly.

google pixel type c earphones
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Numerous Smart Features

The variety of clever features that these earphones offer is what really sets them apart. The flawless integration with Google Assistant is the characteristic that stands out. You can activate Google Assistant, ask it questions, and get answers in your ear with just a quick press of the middle button on the earphone’s remote—a genuinely handy hands-free experience.

The Pixel Type-C earbuds also have a special function that reads notifications into your ear. Additionally, you are able to respond to these messages by speaking your response. Your everyday routine gains a new degree of convenience thanks to these smart functions.


Excellent Audio Quality: These earbuds provide audio that is simply remarkable in every way.

Impressive Features: The smart features, like as notification reading and Google Assistant integration, are excellent.

Adjustable Ear Hooks: The ear-hooks are easily adjustable, resulting in a secure fit.


Limited Availability: Sadly, India does not have easy access to these wonderful earbuds.

Active Noise Cancellation Missing: Active noise cancellation is not one of their features, despite the fact that they excel in many other areas.

OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphones: A Sonic Treat on a Budget

The OnePlus Bullets Type-C headphones are your best option if you’re searching for USB-C headphones that successfully balance value and performance. These earphones, which cost around Rs. 1,500, provide an excellent listening experience without breaking the wallet.

Effective Investment

The outstanding sound quality of the OnePlus Bullets Type-C earphones is one of its most notable qualities. These earbuds provide an immersive, dynamic, and rich audio experience. Hip-hop and EDM are ideal fits for the bass’s punchy delivery of a pleasing thump. Fine tuning of the highs and mids ensures a well-balanced and detailed audio character. These earphones will not let you down whether you are listening to your favourite music or losing yourself in a movie.

Designed to Impress

In addition to having excellent audio, these earbuds are durable. The building is of the highest calibre, reflecting OnePlus’ dedication to fine craftsmanship. These earbuds can withstand normal wear and tear thanks to the design’s functionality and style.

oneplus type c earphones
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Universal Acceptance

These Type-C OnePlus Bullets earphones are highly functional. They function flawlessly with the OnePlus 6T, Galaxy Note 9, Poco F1, Huawei P20 Pro, and the majority of other USB-C-equipped smartphones. The fact that they are plug-and-play makes them a great option for customers of many smartphone brands.


Excellent Sound Quality: Considering their budget, these earphones deliver a high-quality music experience.

Excellent Build Quality: Longevity and durability are guaranteed by the quality construction.

Affordable Price: They offer exceptional value for money at roughly Rs. 1,500.


No Braided Cable: Although the build quality is good, some users might be disappointed that there is no braided cable to provide the extra durability.

No Active Noise reduction: This is a drawback for some consumers since these headphones prioritise audio quality over active noise reduction.

Xiaomi Type-C Earphones: Where Style Meets Sound

The Xiaomi Type-C Earphones provide an alluring bundle for people who value both design and functionality in their audio gear. For good cause, these earphones have been causing a stir for a while. Let’s examine what makes them a superior option.

Premium Design and Build

When it comes to design, Xiaomi has spared no effort. The Type-C earbuds have a beautiful ceramic construction that guarantees endurance in addition to giving them a premium appearance. Along with improving the aesthetics, the braided cable reduces bothersome tangles so you can concentrate on your music rather than tangled cables.

Outstanding Sound Quality

The Xiaomi Type-C earphones deliver excellent sound quality. The audio output has a pleasing balance and a strong bottom that gives your song depth. A well-balanced sound profile is produced as a result of careful tuning of the highs and lows. These earphones provide a great aural experience whether you’re listening to podcasts or dancing to your favourite songs.

xiaomi type c earphones
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Convenient and useful

The comfort of these earbuds is one of their best qualities. They are made to be worn for extended periods of time, so you may comfortably listen to music or podcasts. Convenience is increased by the in-line remote’s simple access to volume and playback controls.

Noise Cancellation Active

The Xiaomi Type-C earphones take active noise cancellation (ANC) a step further. Even though it might not be as effective as the noise cancellation available in high-end headphones, it’s still fairly good, especially given the affordable price of about Rs. 3000. It enables you to lose yourself in your audio experience without extraneous distractions.


Premium Ceramic Construction: The earbuds are made to last and not just look good.

Excellent Sound Quality: An enjoyable listening experience is guaranteed by the audio profile’s careful balancing.

Braided Cable: In addition to being practical, it also enhances the beauty of the entire design.

A feature that is frequently missing from earbuds at this price range is active noise cancellation.


Slightly Expensive: Although they provide value for the features, some customers may find them to be a little costly.

In-Line Remote Buttons Aren’t Tactile:  Although they have a luxury appearance, in-line remote buttons lack tactile feedback. Some users might prefer additional tactile input from the control buttons.

Detailed Reviews

We’ll go into detail about each of the five Type C earphones we recommend in this section. We’ll go into great detail on their layout, sound quality, comfort, and any special features they have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are Type C earphones, and how do they differ from traditional 3.5mm earphones?

A: The USB Type-C connector is used for audio connectivity in Type C earbuds, also referred to as USB Type C earphones. Type C earbuds transmit digital audio as opposed to the analogue signals used by conventional 3.5mm earphones, providing higher sound quality and less interference. Additionally, because Type C connectors are reversible and easier to plug in, they are more adaptable.

Q2: Are Type C earphones compatible with my device?

A: Electronic equipment with a USB Type-C port is compatible with Type C earphones. Many contemporary smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even some game consoles fall into this category. To ensure compatibility, it’s imperative to review the specifications or user guide for your device.

Q3: Do Type C earphones offer better sound quality than traditional earphones?

A: Yes, Type C earphones typically offer superior sound quality because they transmit audio digitally. They are able to support high-resolution audio formats, producing sound that is less distorted and more detailed and clear. However, the calibre of the earphones themselves can also affect sound quality.

Q4: What features should I consider when choosing Type C earphones?

A: Important factors to take into account while choosing Type C earbuds include sound quality, fit and comfort, durability, noise isolation, in-line controls, and your budget. Consider characteristics like water resistance or sound profiles that can be customised based on your tastes.

Q5: Are Type C earphones suitable for workouts or outdoor activities?

A: Many Type C headphones have water- and sweat-resistant characteristics, making them appropriate for outdoor activities and workouts. To make sure they match your unique demands, it is crucial to read the product reviews and specs.

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Shopping Advice

Visit our Type C earphone buying guide for further advice on what to look for and how to get the right pair. We’ll also talk about things like warranty coverage, consumer feedback, and brand reputation.


We’ll summarise the most important lessons learned in this thorough review and restate the benefits of using Type C earbuds with various devices.

Advisory Opinions

If relevant, provide your personal knowledge or experiences and suggest the top Type C headphones for particular use cases, such as music lovers, travellers, or athletes.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, invite readers to learn more about the suggested Type C earbuds, and include contact information or social media connections for any questions or comments.

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