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In this era of videos, fast and best internet connection, online video sharing app become more successful when if they get active participation of users. In today’s content world most of the contents are in the form of online videos. And after using the latest technologies it becomes too demanding. So in this article we have discussed some online video upload sites where it interacts with both the creator and the users.

Video Sharing App and Sites

1>> YouTube:

YouTube is a second largest search engine after Google which deals in videos. It is owned by Google itself. YouTube uses the ML(Machine Learning) algorithm in best way to recommend videos to the users as per their choice. It supports videos in high definition upto 8k to HDR content. You can easily upload content in any format, so user get chance to earn money from adsense by placing ads on their videos.  

best video sharing app

But to qualify for the video monetization YouTube gives some barrier and you have to cross these barriers.

  • Creators must have 1000 subscribers on their channel and a 4000 hours watch time total from past one year.
  • After completion of this creator can place ads over the video

It supports many video formats like ( MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG4, WMV and many more).

YouTube also have upload limit of 20GB/15 min (Without Account verification) and 128GB/12 Hours (Verify Account).

YouTube share it’s revenue to it’s creators as 55%(Creators) and 45%(YouTube) generated from ads.

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2>> Vimeo:

After the most popular video sharing platform YouTube, Vimeo comes at the number second position which also can be an alternative of the Google product YouTube. Vimeo doesn’t show ads on their videos while playing not in starting, between nor at the end like YouTube. Which is a good initiative for the viewers.

Vimeo allows a max upload limit of 500MB/ week to it’s creators in a basic free plan. And the creators earn videos from the model video-on-demand. The only cons of using Vimeo is, it offers plans for uploading videos to it’s creators and provides features according the plan. And in free plan there is too much limitations.

  • It Supports Video Formats like ( MP4, MPEG4, AvI, MOV etc ).
  • It has upload limits of 500MB/week for it’s free plan and 5GB for plus and Unlimited for platinum.
  • Revenue Sharing is depends upon Video on Demand model
  • Pricing for Vimeo Plus ($84 yearly), Vimeo Pro ($240 yearly), Vimeo Business ($600), Vimeo Premium ($900) 

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3>> Facebook Watch:

Everyone knows about Facebook. It is a huge social media platform and it is also a collection of videos of users, brand and pages also. And Facebook watch also come with lots of features to compete with YouTube. The feature to watch with friends is also good for users.

best video sharing app

In this section you can easily access content of your favorite creators and pages. Creators can access the creator studio provided by Facebook to help them manage their video content. It also comes with lots of features like it’s 360 degree photo an video. 

To monetize the creators video, Facebook has also some criteria like YouTube. Your page should have at least 10000 followers and video should watched 1 min of every video and should have 30000 views. Facebook also allows users to get 55% revenue to the creators just like YouTube.

  • It Support Video Format (MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP and many more)
  • Upload Limit: Max of 240 minutes or 10GB
  • Revenue Sharing: Creators get 55% of ads revenue

Pricing: None  

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4>> Daily Motion:

If we talk about another popular video sharing site on the web then that’s Daily Motion. This site also allows their user to upload, view videos on it. But it comes with some limitation like you can’t a video more than 60 minutes of length per video. Also it has a file size limit that’s 2GB per video.

best video sharing app

Daily Motion also offers it’s creators to make videos on the web and share the revenue of their income generated from ads. It allows many promotion, ads, and many more with their flexible revenue sharing strategy for the content creators. Daily Motion is most famous in Europe and France due to locality.  

  • It Supports Video Formats like (MP4, MPEG4,3GP, MOV, AVI and many more)
  • Upload Limits: 2GB file of video size with max length of 60 minutes per video.
  • Revenue Sharing: Video ads, paid content, website monetize gets 70% income of the video.

Pricing: Free  

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Start Uploading Videos on Top Video Sharing App:

Some people understand things easily from videos, so these are the best video sharing app where you can upload you own videos and earn revenue from that video.

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