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Google Chrome Content, Everything About Google. This Browser is a fast, easy to use, and secure browser. Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites. All possible tips and tricks about the browser and shortcut key related to this. Extension which is useful to save time. Time consuming task can be easily completed with the browser shortcuts.

gmail ads

Gmail is starting to show more ads, including in the middle of email lists

For Google, ads are a crucial aspect of their business model, often enabling them to offer their products and services for free. This also applies to Gmail, where many users have started to notice...
Bard vs ChatGPT

Google Bard vs ChatGPT: Things Bard can do ChatGPT can’t

Google's Bard has been developed with a plethora of features that have the potential to challenge the dominance of OpenAI's ChatGPT. Recently, Google launched its remarkable AI chatbot, Bard, in over 180 countries, expanding its...

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