Facebook New Feature Will Help You Connect with Your Neighbors

Facebook New Feature Will Help You Connect with Your Neighbors

Facebook from it's name become the huge community of peoples and continuously improving it's platform and rolling out new features. Because Facebook has now reached at every door step to the villages. Now started...

Facebook Messenger Took Live Broadcast Room Just Like Zoom

Suppose you are using a social media platform and you want to host a video conference with all your close friend then what will you do. The answer is you will go for the...

What is Two Factor Authentication? How to enable 2FA?

Everyone wants that if they are signing in on any website over internet their account should be more safe. So today in this article we are going to discuss about two factor authentication. And...

How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on iPhone and Android

Facebook Feature:There was a time when I started using Facebook and it was a cool thing for me that i can post my photos, videos, and also share my thoughts on Facebook. And I...

How to Transfer Photos and Videos from Facebook to Google Photos

Media TransferRecently, Facebook has introduced two new feature that was that was hoping to be released as soon. The feature is deleting your facebook posts in bulk and another is transferring photos and videos...

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