What is Domain Name System and How to Buy Domain
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Before talking about Domain Name System, I would like to introduce you some famous websites like Google.com, Facebook.com, Instagram.com, and YouTube.com etc. These are the websites you will be surfing daily if you are an internet user.

Now let’s come to the topic, as we see the naming convention Domain Name System. It looks like it can be a name for anything, so here according to the definition ” It is a naming convention system of computers and resources to locate and identify them which are connected to the internet.”

Most of the famous domain name are Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube etc. As we all know that every website is stored on a server and every server has a unique IP Address to identify those websites. But IP Addresses contains collection of numbers so we can’t easily understand which IP is connected with Google or Facebook.

So to understand this mechanism Domain Name System was introduced. And It connects with IP Addresses and we strat using the website with this name. Domain like IP Address is also a unique name.

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Difference between domain name and URL

The domain name and the URL are both used as same but these two are different from each other. As we have above discussed that Domain Name System is used to identify the computers and location of server connected with IP addresses on the Internet.

IP Addresses are the collection of numbers for example etc. But it can’t be for a human being to remember it so naming system was introduced.

What is Domain Name System and How to Buy Domain
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And in the other hand, URL is known as Uniform Resource Locator. It is also connected with the domain but it also include some extra information like path and protocol. For example https://saimtechnews.in/about is a URL, in which saimtechnews.in is Domain Name. And the other /about is a path and https is the transfer protocol.

But in browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox etc don’t show any error when you type only domain. They easily manage and attached the protocol with itself.

How do domain name system work?

Suppose you entered a domain in the browser. Now it will send a request to the DNS server. And these server might be hosted on your ISP or it can be any other third party computer network. All the networks are connected with each other.

What is Domain Name System and How to Buy Domain
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Now it will start searching for the server which is connected with that domain name. And after finding it will send your request to the name server. The name server is also a computer stored server files on it. And It is managed by the hosting companies.

Then they will send these requests to that computer where your website is hosted and give you the response back in the form of some HTML and CSS data and the browser will show these data accordingly.

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Types of Domain Name

Mainly the type of any domain can be defined as there last part after ( . ). For example in google.com, here google is name but .com shows the domain type.


TLD refers to the Top Level Domain. These are the domain which are frequently used in the whole world like, .com, .net, .org, these are the top level domains.


This can be referred as country code top level domain such as .in, .us, .uk, .au etc. These are for the specific country or regions.


It can be defined as Government or Global top level domain. In this it can be used for government or any organization like .gov, .org etc.

Sub Domain and Parked Domain

As you have seen many websites like support.google.com, here support in google.com is know as sub domain. In domain name system, these are used to host other part of the website with the sub domain and save to buy a new domain. For example google every product or service has a website but all are connected as sub domain with google.com.

Parked domain can be understood like parking area, like if you have a vehicle an don’t want any other vehicle in parking beside your parking. Then you will buy those area also. It is also same in the parked domain. Like big companies don’t want that anyone buy their brand name domain with other extention.

Like goggle.in, facebook,in, twitter.net etc so they buy these domains already and make it as parked domain.

How to Buy Domain

There are number of websites available and they are also providing in cheap price also. Some of them are godaddy, namecheap, google domain, etc


Here in this article of Domain Name System, we have discussed all all the key points related with it I hope everything cleared now.

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