Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji

Facebook is the headmaster of all social media like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger always focus on new features. Now they have introduced Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji for their users. We can call these features live emojis with sound effects like now you can feel these actual emojis working.

Like the birthday of Emojis and on the World Emoji Day (17th July) Facebook Messenger will release it. And in this, you will see live emojis with sounds like clapping crickets, laugh tracks, drumrolls and evil laughter. You’ll also be able to include sound clips from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bridgerton and (bafflingly) “Friday” singer Rebecca Black.

Facebook CEO Post

Even Mark Zuckerburg ( CEO of Facebook Inc.) shared a video from his Facebook post. And Facebook also said that they will add more sound bytes and effects regularly.

Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji

Right now, Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji is solely limited to the Facebook biosphere. And you can’t use these emojis in your smartphone text message it will be available only for Facebook Messenger. Now if you want to use this feature then you have to open a chat inbox and click on the smiley face and choose the loudspeaker icon.

Also, you can listen to the emoji sounds before sending them as previews. The potential annoyance factor for these is, of course, off the charts. It’s one thing to spam someone with emoji. According to the company stats, people who are using the emoji send more than 2.4 Billion emoji messages in a single day. But here it is not cleared by Facebook that the recipients can mute these emoji sounds or not.

During this year’s World Emoji Day, the announcement of Facebook could take centre stage, because no new emojis are introduced as expected. That’s why due to COVID-19 last year, they could not roll out any new emoji. Which would have included a smiley face wearing Groucho glasses, parents bottle-feeding a baby, cockroaches, blueberries, and a woolly mammoth. Just like Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji company can introduce more features this year’s end. So stay tuned with us.

SOURCEGlobal Khabari
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