Suppose you are using a social media platform and you want to host a video conference with all your close friend then what will you do. The answer is you will go for the video conferencing websites or apps and from their you can complete your video call with your friends.

But wait, at this time there is no need to go any other platform because Facebook Messenger has introduced live broadcast room feature just like Zoom  or any other video conferencing.
Facebook Messenger Took Live Broadcast Room Just Like Zoom

Live Broadcast Room:

Recently Facebook has announced new live broadcasting room to it’s messenger on social media where users can easily join and connect with their friends and do everything just like Zoom is providing.
Here this tool introduces that up to 50 people can join after turning on the live broadcast. Where anybody can do anything like online classes, office meetings, yoga classes, etc. And it similar to Zoom app except one thing that it is free of cost for the Facebook users where Zoom charges for these features.
And one thing is very cool in Facebook messenger live broadcast room that if you don’t have any account on Facebook but you have invited for group video call then you can join it without any account signup. This can be also done on website as well as on Facebook messenger  app.

How to Broadcast:

You can broadcast messenger live from your profile, group, or any page. You will get full control over this as you can decide who can join, leave or anything. You can also terminate anybody during the live broadcast which is a cool feature.
Any one who received the joining link can join the broadcast and also can leave during the session. When the broadcast will start all the participants will get notified before start.
This feature is available in some countries at this time but Facebook has told that they will expand this feature across the globe soon. 
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