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How to Free Up WhatsApp Storage on Android Devices

How to Free Up WhatsApp Storage on Android Devices

As we all know that WhatsApp is a number one and great messaging app with feature of end-to-end encryption technology. But due to this feature it take too much storage in the form of junk files. This is because you only not get these junks from your contacts but you get messages and images and videos from unknown contacts also. And with repeated forward messages WhatsApp becomes so cluttered. So if you are also wondering to Free up WhatsApp Storage from your device then you have to be with us till the end. Here I am going to tell you how we can easily free up storage of WhatsApp.

Free Up WhatsApp Storage on Your Device

Here we have explained step by step way to free up WhatsApp storage for Android devices. Before starting this I want to say that the method which I am going to explain here is already available to WhatsApp stable build so don’t worry about the beta versions. So let’s start our tour with this method.

Step – 1>>

Open your WhatsApp and click on the 3 dotted menu situated in the top right corner. In the bottom click on the “Settings” and click on the “Storage and Data”.

Step – 2>>

Here, click on “Manage Storage” and you will see complete details about your WhatsApp storage section. Now click on “Forwarded many times” to get all the repeated videos and images which has been delivered to you.

Step – 3>>

Now, click and hold to select the media files that you wish to delete. To delete all the forwarded videos and images at one click, click “Select all” and press the “Delete” button. It will delete all the items.

Step – 4>>

And now, click on the “Larger than 5 MB” portion and check the files and delete them as per your need. All items will be sorted in the order of larger size.

Step – 5>>

If you wish to free up WhatsApp storage from a dedicated chat then scroll to the bottom and from the list select a contact. And here, you can check, select, and bulk delete files in just one click. That’s smooth and easy way to Free up WhatsApp storage, right?

Reduce WhatsApp Space on Your Smartphone

So this is the easiest method from which you can free up WhatsApp storage on our device. So if you are also struggling with storage issues from WhatsApp then Go ahead and perform these task and clean your device storage.

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