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FTP Full Form | Best FTP Software | About FTP

FTP Full Form

So in this article, we are going to learn something techy about the internet. And I am sure after knowing this information you will be happy.

So first, we will understand What is FTP Full Form then we will learn more about this technology. So the answer is File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which means this is a kind of protocol. Now again, one question is here that what is Protocol?

What is Protocol in Internet World

Protocol fairly describes itself as a collection of rules/regulations. You might have heard about protocol words somewhere for example Chief Minister or Prime Minister mostly follows protocol. And you have heard many times that PM broke some protocol etc.

That’s why in the internet world there are many protocols to do any kind of work. And FTP protocol is one of them that is mainly used for transferring files from one server to other that’s why FTP full form is File Transfer Protocol.

FTP Working Methodology

If you hear the name of the transfer, then you must think that from where to transfer a file? Meaning that the question is very simple, which file is used to send FTP to where? So the answer is to send it to a server or download it from the server to your computer.

Now the question is where to transfer the file and how to transfer the files with FTP. So the answer is, it is simply used for sending files to the hosting server as well as downloading the files from hosting or any server.

Actual FTP Full Form Using Example

Let’s suppose you created a website and now you want to host it on a server. Then you will purchase a server to store your website files so that any internet user in the world can access your website. And to manage your website the hosting providers gives you a CPanel (Control Panel) so that you manage it properly. Now suppose you want to add one more file into your hosting then you have two ways to add that file. The first one is to directly upload from CPanel or use FTP client software to transfer the file into your hosting.

So basically the FTP Full form recognises the ability to transfer files from a local computer to the cloud hosting servers. Now again the question comes if we want to use FTP then which client software would be good for doing this type of transfer.

Best Industry Used FTP Client Software

So File Zilla is one of the most used File Transfer Client software available for Windows, Linux operating systems.

Transferring Files with FTP

If you want to transfer the file with the help of an FTP client, then first of all you have to download and install the FTP client software, then you have to enter at least 3 things required. First is the IP address which will be on your server, second is FTP username and third is FTP password only then you will be able to upload or download files with the help of FTP.


Now I hope you would have understood about FTP Full Form Best FTP Software and Everything about FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

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