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Google Announced the Google Forms API

google forms api

Google Announced the Google Form API One of the leading tech companies, Google, announced the Google Forms API! The API is currently available in Restricted Beta, with Open Beta expected to follow in Quarter 4.

Google form was Launched in 2008; This enables us to create and distribute documents, quizzes, and surveys efficiently. Google Forms are used for various use cases across CMS, event planning, business operations, logistics, education, and multiple things.

Bringing Automation to Google Forms

New Google Forms API provides programmatic access for managing forms by developers and acting on responses, empowering developers to build powerful integrations on top of Forms. The Google Form API supports two critical use cases:

1. Automating form creation and editing

The New Google Form API enables developers to automate form creation and edit very quickly. This feature is compelling when dealing with large volumes of forms and data that must be auto-generated from question banks or other data.

2. Reacting to incoming responses

The New Google Form API also allows developers to build automation for acting on incoming responses. Examples include developing real-time dashboards/visualizations and triggering business workflows based on response data to get the real-time update.

Example Use Cases

1. Education Automation Integrations

Integrations with Learning Management Systems/Custom form/quiz generation from question banks and Student tracking with real-time dashboards data.

2. Customer Management and Support

Auto-generate surveys/forms based on customer data trigger notifications and processes based on responses from customers.

3. Data Analysis and Visualization

You can also create custom visualizations with response data leverage push notifications to update in real-time.

Google Forms API Functionality

The Google Form API provides the following specific functionality.

Form Schema and Metadata

Create and Update

  1. Create new forms and quizzes
  2. Edit existing forms
  3. Add questions, point values, correct answers

Read Form Metadata

Read forms content and metadata, including:

  1. Questions and answer options
  2. Correct answers
  3. Point values
  4. Feedback

Form Responses

Read responses to forms, including Answers to each question response submission timeframes and feedback.

Push Notifications

Notifications via Cloud PubSub

Subscribe to real-time form updates via Cloud Pub/Sub: Receive either push or pull notifications when forms change. Get notified when a Google form is edited, or form response is submitted.

I hope you would have understood about Google Forms API. For the complete Forms API reference documentation, visit Google Forms API 

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