Gmail has a new logo that’s a lot more Google
Gmail has a new logo that’s a lot more Google

Google is replacing it Gmail’s envelope icon logo to it’s new designed logo. That will be lot more with the other google products. And in the new Gmail Logo it contains the Google’s brand color like blue, red, yellow and green.

Gmail Logo idea

And after this Gmail logo it’s now been in the list of Google core products colors just like Google Map, Google Photos, Google Chrome etc. And here this is the end of the envelope icon logo.

Fast Company reports that Google considered dropping the M altogether or entirely removing the Gmail red color. But people involved in user research studies weren’t happy with the changes. In some studies it shows that the envelope design logo was not a critical design element.

And Google realizes to change the Gmail Logo and the designer teams work on it. They research about this to find a new logo, while keeping the M letter and adding the Google core brand colors in it.

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Realization of Change in Logo

The new Gmail Logo also realizes the exact feel of the letter M. Where it clearly shows that the red color is with the yellow color in huge area and the other two blue and green are trying to hold that colors.

If you separate these colors alongside the Google’s other products logos. Then you can’t even differentiate among them. Also Google has make some slightly changes in it’s Calendar, Docs, Meet and Sheets logo to match with the new Gmail design.

The new logo of Google became the part of it’s G suite software. Which is now decorating as a new brand for Google workspace. Google is also looking to merge their products in one place like. Gmail, Chat, Meet and Docs in to one platform. And after that they can compete with the Microsoft Office and their email Outlook also.

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