Google Earning Money Method, How Google Earn Money

Google is the world’s number one search engine website and has created a lot of internet-based products, in such a situation, if you would think that when Google gives everything for free, then What is Google Earning Money Method, How Google Earn Money?

Google Earning Money Method

The question is true because if you think, you will find that if you search anything in Google search. Then you will get the best results and that too in free when you watch videos on YouTube, that too for free or use Google Map. And Google does not even take his money from you. Then any person will be forced to think that Google is such a big company and a lot of engineers work. Then who pays Google, or google earning money methods if all this If you want to know, you will have to read this post completely and yes, if you like this information, then you can definitely share it with your friends.

Google Earning Business Model

If you want to understand the business model of Google, then for that you will first have to understand how Google is connected with you and then who pays the money both concepts.

Google Earning Money Method, How Google Earn Money

When you go to Google website, then do some search on it like take an example “What is Google Adsense“. And when you search this thing, a list of many websites comes in front of you and on the first page you get A list containing 10 websites link. And after that what do you do? Visit the website that you like, right? Is this what you do? So will you think why have you clicked the website?

That is because Google has provide you the link to that best article based website and because you trust Google. If Google shows a link to a website and link or website owner pays money, in addition to that list The then what will happen?

It will be like that when Google shows you that web links, then it will show itself at the top, in such a way, if you visit more such websites. Then the website will earn profit with this method and since it has given money to Google to stay at the top of the first page. So in such a situation, Google gets profit and this is the business model of Google Earning Money.

Now you must also think that oh man this is not fare because Google gives the name of the website at the top of anyone for money. Then, my dear friend, there is no such thing because google clearly tells that the link of the website it is showing and the person who has given the money is an advertisement.

What is Google Ads / Google Adwords

Google Adwords, now called Google Ads, if you want to know what it is? Then I can explain it very easily, in fact, I have just told you that whatever you search on Google. With the result which appears, the advertisement also appears in the top and Google takes money for that ad service. But think yourself, how will the people who give the money pay it and what will they do to advertise?

Google Earning Money Method, How Google Earn Money

Therefore, Google started a service whose name was previously Google Adwords but now its name has changed to Google Ads. Here the advertiser visits and decides what to promote and how much money to pay. Along with when you give money to google, then advertise starts.

Different Types of Google Earning Money

Google Also shows ads on the websites which are approved by Google Adsense. If You don’t know what is Google Adsense and How to earn from it you can read my article.

But here I will brief a little, like when you search anything on google and click on any website. Then you must have seen ads on that pages and also if you have noticed those ads, you would have seen “Ads by Google”. So this is another business model of Google. Where it shows ads on websites which is also connected with Google Ads. And here in this model, Google pays 55% money to the website owner and 45% money for their systems server and employees etc.

Google earning money method also implies some service-based products to its users or companies which are using and paying for it. For example, Google drive for file storage, Google Photos, G-suite, Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform for developers etc. In all these services, first, this company provides it’s all products and services features for free at a limit. And after that, if you want to scale it then you have to pay for it.

This is some known google earning money methods but I am sure there are lots of another thing and business model from where Google Make Money and provide free services to every user. I hope you have got some idea about Google Business Model for earning money.

Who is the real owner of Google?

Two Phd students from Stanford University California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin is the real founder of Google and Alphabet company. They started Google company in September 1998. And at this current time in 2021, Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google and Alphabet.

Which is the Parent company of Google?

Alphabet inc. is the parent company of Googe.

Whois the CEO of Google

Sundar Pichai is the Current CEO of Google and Alphabet.

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