Google Maps App will Now show covid-19 cases
Google Maps App

As we all know that Google is tech giant on this planet and it provides many online and digital services to it’s users. And for this, Google is one of the top tech companies. Today in this article we are going to discuss one of it’s product Google Maps App.

Google Maps App:

It is a product of Google, which basically provides Google Maps Navigation to it’s users. As we can say in simple words if you are in any city and you don’t know the address, here Google maps app will give you the exact location and also a minimal traffic way to reach that place with the help of it’s Google navigation system.

Google Maps Navigation:

Basically this is a feature of Google maps which takes the help of navigation system and gives the exact result of any location using the longitude and latitude. And with the help of Google maps app navigation it also suggest about high and low traffic in a particular area. And Google maps app is giving highly support to it’s users in these days of covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Cases on Google Maps App:

According to a expert of a reverse engineering department and leaks, Google is planning to show the exact covid-19 cases of every location on it’s Google maps app. If we see the screenshots uploaded on twitter by the reverse engineering expert. This application of Google maps navigation can be different type of map.

This map will like, it will collect last 7 days confirmed cases from 10,0000 and observed it. These information can be collected from the higher organizations in the world.

There is no exact information about this feature in Google maps app, is this active ? it is unknown at this moment. Because till today, Company has not confirmed it yet that they are launching any type of feature on their Google Maps App.

And also there is no information that Google will launch it or not, if it will be launched. The question is, will it be globally or specific for any country. We will give you further information of Google Maps app feature.

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