Google Meet App Got Discussion Rooms Feature
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The one of the top ten video meeting apps, Google Meet App is now getting ready to pursue a new feature to it’s users. Google meet app will shortly get a discussion rooms feature inside the app for their users.

As we all know that the craze of video conferencing apps started too much due to this coronavirus pandemic. And the companies which are delivering these services to the users are trying hard add new features daily. So they can improve the user experiences.

And in this battle field of video conferencing apps, Google’s product – Google meet app is in the high competition with another apps like skype, zoom etc. Google adds discussion rooms feature in this app to provide flexibility of using this app for users.

Discussion rooms feature to Google Meet App

This feature of Google’s video conferencing will first available for the G Suite Enterprise for the education users. And according to this feature, the teacher and student can easily split their screens during calls. So that they can make smaller class groups and make discussion.

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And in a single video calling session 100 group sessions will be created. And when the host will decide how many groups are going to set up. Then google will automatically and randomly assign the groups to everyone in the rooms. And also if anyone want a different group then host or manager can transfer between rooms.

And the admin or host can monitor any group and control it like they can join any group to check if every thing is going good in this group.

Room Feature for Everyone

The discussion room feature of Google Meet App will easily available for the other users apart from enterprise very soon. According to Google’s statement, this feature will be available to the other workspace of Google also in this year.


And the another video conferencing app zoom video app in covid-19 outbreak is also providing this type discussion room features to it’s users from many years. So we can understand that Google is taking this from Zoom. But in zoom it can be divided in 50 rooms and in the Google Meet App it is available for 100 rooms.

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