Google Photos Storage Limit and Google Photos Backup is No More Free
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If you are an Internet user then you must have used Google services like Adsense, Search, Map, YouTube, Drive and Photos etc. But here is the big news from Google came that Google Photos Storage Limit will be no more free from June 1st 2021. Yes, After serving 5 years the free services of Google Photos backup will now charge for backup your photos on cloud. Let’s understand what is it and what happened exactly.

What is Google Photos

Basically Google Photos is photo backup serving on cloud provided by Google for free from 5 years of it’s start. When we create a Google or Gmail account then google gives the users services like Gmail, Maps, Assistant, YouTube, Drive, Photos and many more. After creating account the company also provide 15GB free cloud storage for their other services. But photos backup was free and unlimited.

Google Photos Storage Limit and Google Photos Backup is No More Free
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If your google account is connected with your smartphone or pc and the auto sync mode is on. Then whenever you will click or download any image it will directly upload it on the cloud. This is how this service works.

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Google Photos Statement

Recently company has tweeted that from the starting of this service users have uploaded 4 trillion photos and videos on the cloud. And every week 28 billion photos on the cloud. So company has decided to stop the Google Photos Storage Limit from June 1st 2021. They have also stated after the date the cloud backup will be count within the 15GB storage provided by Google.

Google Photos Plans for Extra Storage

After the use of 15GB free from google users can extend their storage by paying some extra according to the plan. These plans are given below.

15 GB Free Plan100 GB200 GB2 TB
Free All the TimeMonthly Plan Rs 130/month
Yearly Rs. 1300
Monthly Plan Rs 210/month
Yearly Rs. 2100
Monthly Plan Rs 650/month
Yearly Rs. 6500
Google Cloud Storage Plans

If you need more then 15GB storage you can proceed for the plans of Google. Here you will get security, and many more features.

Note: The 15 GB storage of the account will be used after the mentioned date by google.

Users have approximately 7 months to manage their photos and video uploaded on the Google Photos. Because everyone knows thousands of photos have been uploaded by us on Google Photos App. So here is some tips or tricks by which we can manage our photos from Google.

Ways to Manage Photos from Google

Now we are in habitual to store photos on cloud so the solution is to find some other free resources to upload photos on cloud. And if you can pay to Google then you can proceed according the plans. But if not then here are some free and less paid plans by which you can upload your photos on the cloud to save from the Google Photos Storage Limit.

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1>> Amazon Drive

Amazon drive is the service of which comes under the prime membership plan. So if you are already a prime member then you can store your photos on Amazon drive. And you can also purchase their plans which is Rs 129/month or Rs 999/year. In this plans you also gets many other services from Amazon so it can be beneficial for you.

Google Photos Storage Limit and Google Photos Backup is No More Free
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Full List Of Free Cloud Providers:

Degoo100GB Free on Account signup
Mediafire10GB Free
pCloud10GB Free
Microsoft OneDrive5GB Free
Mega50GB Free on Account loging
Other Free Cloud Services

If you need more extra space for free then the mobile companies are also providing the extra cloud spaces. For example Xiaomi provides 5GB storage on Xiaomi Cloud and other mobile companies also provides the storage limit to their users for free upto 5GB.


So here in this article we have understand about Google Photos Storage Limit and Google Photos Backup. And we have also seen what is the way to manage your photos on the cloud for free. But If we talk about google, here your photos have the more security than the other except Amazon Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. So you have decide what to choose to secure your data as well as your privacy.

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