What is Hashtag Meaning and Hashtag in Facebok, Twitter, Instagram

If you are a social media user then on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platform. You must have seen this “#” symbol with some words, for example #blog, #saimtechnews #etc. This symbol is basically know as Hashtag symbol in the world of internet and social media. And if you never heard or used this symbol of hashtag then you will be wondering what is hashtag and what is hashtag meaning, how to use hashtag etc.

So in this article I am going to explain you everything about hashtag. So let’s get started about learning a new topic of the great technology.

What is Hashtag


A hashtag is a common tag or words starting with the pound symbol ‘#’ . And this is absolutely called when it contained some post having the same tag or pound symbol. Or we can say it a metadata tag that is used by the ‘#’ symbol before any word. These are widely used over social media, photo sharing websites, blogging ect. And after using this it build a user generated form for tagging.

What is Hashtag Meaning and Hashtag in Facebok, Twitter, Instagram
hashtag meaning

It helps the people who are interested in any certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic. User sharing content on any topic can add the hashtag symbol to their message. And the hashtag meaning will be related to their message. People on social platform searching for that topic, can search for that label to find other messages.

Hashtag Meaning and Example

So above I told about the definition of What is hashtag. But now I will tell you the exact hashtag meaning with some examples. So to understand this topic we will took an example, suppose one of my friend Aakash is on social media and he posted content regularly on social topics. And he during his daily life one day he achieved a trophy in cricket. And post that on social platform with some words like #sports, #cricket, #trophywinner etc. Because with this tags which was already used by people of social platforms, his post reaches too many users.

And people of social media liked his post and share with the same tag and for this his post went viral on social media only with the hashtag. So you can understand how hashtag works and how much it is useful in a good manner. Lots of people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook uses hashtags and write their post so that their post can reach up to millions of users.

What is Hashtag Meaning and Hashtag in Facebok, Twitter, Instagram
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Big companies uses smart hashtag to sell their products via internet and earn some money. Hashtag meaning are categorized with their name form example sports, entertainment, education, leaderships etc. Users follow these hashtags on social media to read and learn the post written with these hashtags. Bloggers uses hashtags on social blogs like medium.com, quora.com to share their content for rich user traffic.

In some situation it also gives a power to user to express their sentiments. It becomes more useful during ay disaster, where it is natural or anything.

History of Hashtags

This “#” symbol especially used in the field of Information and Technology or software industry to highlight any special hashtag meaning. Also in C program for special preprocessors, Python programming language it is used as comment for any line of code which a developer don’t want to interpret via machine. In the US region this hashtag symbol is known as “octothorpe” or “pound symbol” and in the UK region “pound” in 1970.

An American blogger Christopher Reaves Messina invented the term hashtag first time in a twitter tweet in 2007. He suggested Twitter to use this symbolic sytem inside the post but Twitter rejects this. But in california, the 2007 San Diego forest fires happen and many users used hastag in their tweets and after that it came in practice. And after this incident Twitter as well as many other social networking and blogging communities started using this “#” symbole to easily categories the message type. And user can specify the type of the content by their own and with any coding requirements.

How do You Use Hashtag

The term is very popular in now a days to social platforms and they actively maintained their algorithm based on users hashtags uses. Also it can be use in blog commenting on the websites by which websites rate the user activity for the personalised ads for those user who are not logged in to any website.

Hashtag can be used on the basis of the post or events or any national issue, big companies complaint, sports events etc. For example if we talk about Google, which conduct its I/O every year then they use the hashtags “#googleio2021”, somthing like that. People also uses tags to complaint against a big company on social platform sothat anybody can understand the problem. So comapnies also replies soon over post. So we have here understood that hashtag meaning should be related directly to the topic.

What is the purpose of a Hashtag

So in the above paragraphs we have already understand the hashtag meaning now we will continue towards the purpose of hashtags. So the purpose of using a hashtag can be Event Promotions, Cosumer complaints, Sentiment Analysis, Sports etc. These all categorized for their purpose, like if we talk about cricket in sports, then popular hashtags can be “#indvsaus”, “#indvsnz” etc.

How to use Hashtags on instagram

To use hashtags on instagram is so simple in any post or comment, TO reach with the huge audience of instagram you have choose some popular hashtags for the marketing of your post. First you have to try out some popular tags of Instagram like #instagram #onlinemarketing #sales #technology #SocialMedia #Entrepreneure #BusinessOwner etc.

Even you can find more popular hashtags list with the exact hashtag meaning and start growing on Instagram with the huge number of followers and sales.


So in this article, we have learnt about hashtag meaning and use, popularity, history and many more concepts. If you are really interested in growing on instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform then start from today.

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