If you loose your smartphone somewhere that is a kind of nightmare that nobody wants to face ever. There might be more chance you have some important documents, videos, image that you don’t want to loose with risk. Here also come the WhatsApp chats and WhatsApp Account. That is become so important in now days and don’t want that someone read it.

So we have came back with some awesome tips that you can follow to Protect Your WhatsApp Account when your smartphone gets lost or stolen.

1>> First and foremost, lock your SIM card

And to finish this step you have to get connected with you sim operator / customer care. And with this step it will insure that now no one can send or receive any kind of message or OTP. So it will be in first step of protection.

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2>> Get a New SIM card With same Number

Now you want to restart your WhatsApp account as soon as possible. Then you can again start your sim with the same number. You have to only provide an identity proof that’s it. And this will be the easiest and fastest way to reactivate your WhatsApp account. And deactivate the same on the stolen phone because with one number WhatsApp can be used with one device.

3>> Send an Email to WhatsApp

Now here you can also shoot an email to WhatsApp with subject “Lost/Stolen” : and in the body of the email “Please deactivate my account”. Also mention your full WhatsApp number with International Dialling Format.

4>> Get Restore of your Cloud Backup


In the event that you have made a reinforcement utilising Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive before your telephone disappeared, you can reestablish your talk history on your new telephone.

What happens when a WhatsApp account is deactivated?

Do note here that when you deactivate your WhatsApp account, it isn’t totally erased. Your contacts can in any case see your profile. Infact, they can likewise send you messages that will stay in the forthcoming state for as long as 30 days. To get these forthcoming messages, you should reactivate your record before 30 days.


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