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How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on iPhone and Android


Facebook Feature:

There was a time when I started using Facebook and it was a cool thing for me that i can post my photos, videos, and also share my thoughts on Facebook. And I also used to post so that i could get some attention from my friends and others. And I always tried to post a relevant photo or video.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts 

But sometimes happens that the post you are posting, that time is trend but now it’s not and it looks bad. Then there is a method in search activity to find every post and delete one by one. Which is obviously a tedious way to do. But now it’s not going to happen, because I am talking about Facebook’s recent update in which you can delete your Facebook posts in bulk.
So in this article we will discuss that how to bulk delete Facebook posts on iPhone and Android.

Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on iPhone and Android:

Facebook’s latest versions let you filter your activities based on three settings: Category, Date, and People. You can easily choose one of the settings and sort your posts which you want to delete from your Facebook timeline. Once you selected that posts you have two choices either archive or trash the posts.


The process of bulk delete Facebook posts is same on both iOS and Android. So I am showing the Android screenshots here. Please ensure before starting that your Facebook app should be updated with the latest version from play store or app store.

Step >>1: 

On your Android or iPhone open your Facebook app.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Step >>2:

Now click on your profile image to go to your profile section.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Step >>3:

Now in your profile section click on the three dots, right of the Add story button and now click on the activity log.

Step >>4:

Now, click on the manage activity button and select your post in down side popup window.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Step >>5:

After opening, click on the filter button, and here you will see three option to sort your posts by category, date and people.

Step >>6:

Now here select the option as your preference, here i am choosing date option to bulk delete Facebook posts. And choose the start and end date and now click on Done.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Step >>7:

Now here at the last step, select your posts by clicking on it which you want and simply click on the Archive or Trash button to delete your posts permanently.
How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts
I think, all the steps were too easy by doing.

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