How to Convert Webpage to a Video Using Google AI Tool

After the revolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the technology world, you have seen many implementation examples. Like robotics, Google translate, Software automation etc. There are lots of big companies are working and investing in this technology. Google is one of them, That is trying to implement AI in their products and services to provide enhance features to the end users. With the help of AI the department of AI Google has developed a new tool. That can convert webpage to a video using google AI tool.

And this tool is now calling as URL2Video. This AI tool is invented and developed by the Google AI team. It will help users to convert simple web pages into simple video for marketing automatically. The technology software giant says that they created this tool specifically for the professionals. Who create marketing videos from scratch easily and quickly.

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“Creating marketing videos from scratch can be challenging for the designers. Especially when designing for multiple platforms with different users. We present URL2Video. An automatic approach that converts a web page into a short video given temporal and visual constraints.”, wrote the team.

How to Convert Webpage to a Video Using Google

Now to process the task from webpage to video using this tool. It extract some key points in the webpage like colors, fonts, layouts and text etc. After that the URL2Video engine grave these elements and and covert it into a video using constraint programming.

During the automatic creation of video. Users can monitor every single step of the webpage and also instruct to change any point to get a perfect video. Also this tool provides a user dashboard where the creators can take actions to reexamine or make change on the video.

How to Convert Webpage to a Video Using Google AI Tool
Image Source: Google AI

The URL2Video team who invent the AI tool to convert webpage to a video said. They have asked some experience designers to learn their design process. And the designers compare the URL2Video from the designers video.

“The evaluation shows that URL2Video effectively extracted design elements from a web page and supported designers by bootstrapping the video creation process.”, stated Google.

So, if you are an AI-focused person and want to learn more about URL2Video. You can check out the technical details in Google’s official research paper.

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