How to Download WhatsApp Status Photo and Video
How to Download WhatsApp Status Photo and Video

Facebook’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp is a tremendous app. After the arrival of WhatsApp, people’s lives became much easier. For the convenience of WhatsApp users, the corporate keeps rolling out new features. Last year, the corporate released the feature to download WhatsApp Status Photo and Video.

Almost a year has passed since the WhatsApp status feature, but thus far this feature remains popular. Users like this feature tons . For your information the status is automatically removed after 24 hours. People can easily post Photos or videos in status.

Not only in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram apps even have a standing feature. Users posts many video statuses a day on WhatsApp. After seeing the status entered by friends and shut people, you want to have felt that at a while I wish I could download WhatsApp status photo and video.

Today we are getting to tell you about some such important steps. By using this method, you’ll be ready to download favorite WhatsApp Status during a pinch.

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Unhide the Hidden Folders

To download favorite WhatsApp status, first you would like to unhide the hidden .statuses folder in your phone. you almost certainly won’t remember that whenever you click on a WhatsApp status. It automatically gets stored during this folder hidden within the phone.

Now you’ll be wondering the way to remove video or favorite photo from this hidden folder. i would like to allow you to know that to avoid the matter of copyright, the status isn’t saved within the gallery. Handset doesn’t got to reboot or jailbreak the iOS device to unhide the .statuses folder.

Go to the menu bar of File Manager, here you’ll see the choice of settings. After clicking on Settings, you’ll see the choice of Unhide Files. After clicking on this feature , attend the WhatsApp folder within the file manager. Here you’ve got to travel to the Media folder. within the media folder, you’ll see a hidden folder named .statuses. Photo and video stores with status will available during this folder. And from here you’ll easily download WhatsApp status photo and video.

Alternate Apps

Many apps also are available to download favorite WhatsApp status. allow us to know that these apps haven’t been launched by WhatsApp, these are third party apps to download WhatsApp status photo and video. These third party apps are often easily downloaded from Google Play Store. We don’t confirm how secure these third party apps are regarding user data. Therefore, we might advise you to follow the steps mentioned above.

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