Smartphone Speed:

How to Increase Smartphone Speed in Just 5 Minutes
Smartphone Speed
Just think, you bought a new smartphone and start using it as your manual and after few months of use you the problem of Hang, Slow opening apps and many problems like that.
So in this article we will discuss about the phone performance and how to increase smartphone speed. All topic will be covered here.
Mobile phone is kind of second wife in these days of a normal human being. And if you have and iPhone then you are not going to face these issues but if you are an Android user then this can be a common problem for you.
After buying a new seems that there will no need of other phones because it is working too smooth and fast but only after six month of use you get angry at phone and it’s brand because your phone performance is now slow.

Increase Smartphone Speed:

If you really want to boost your smartphone speed then first you have to know about the reason behind the hang problem or slow performance. And after that you will easily increase the smartphone speed.
How to Increase Smartphone Speed in Just 5 Minutes
Smartphone Speed
When you purchase a new smartphone, there will have no extra apps and and your internal storage is almost empty and after that you started using it and fill your phone with apps and storage then it started slow in performance.
Just suppose you have bought a new smartphone with 4 GB of RAM. And there were only minimum apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram were installed and these app consumes less memory in starting phase.
But after using these apps in couple of months, you will find that they get support of update and if it contains any new feature then the app size will also increase and it will take more resource than newly installed.
And all the other apps will also get update and try to use more resources than the newly one. And your smartphone RAM is not updated yet they are as it is so your phone starts hanging and low performance.
Now you have understood that your phone performance was low because of RAM but wait there can be more reasons behind the scenes.
As you use your phone and store files, images, and video etc. and off-course they are all being stored in memory and if you fully fill your internal storage then you will see the problem. 


  • First do one thing that uninstall all those apps which is not useful for you and you have installed it yet.
  • And also try to delete the cache files from your preinstalled apps like YouTube, Google, Chrome etc.
  • Also don’t store lots of data in your smartphone storage like photo, videos.
  • If you are using an app and some apps are also running in the background which you don’t use daily, then just close then and you will increase smartphone speed as well the internet speed also.
  • Use the lite version of the app — in these days popular app are providing the lite version also if you don’t want to use more features.
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