How to download pubg mobile pc 2020

After the PUBG ban in India, everyone is now moving towards PUBG mobile PC game by their computer or laptop. Because we all know that PUBG mobile was handled by Tencent company which is a China based company but the PUBG mobile PC is handled by the PUBG corporation a part of south korian company BlueWhole.

So the ban of PUBG mobile in India is on mobile version. So in this article we will discuss that how can we play the pc version of this game.

What is PUBG Mobile:

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is the most downloaded and popular games played on mobile and PC. It is type of royal battle game in which you can play alone or in a group of your friends or a group of unknown connected people with the help of map provided in this game.

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As we all know that this game is available on the both platforms the android, ios and desktop consoles for free and it provides much more fun to the gamer of PUBG while playing it on mobile as well as pc. But here the pro gamers always choose to play this game on pc.

What is PUBG mobile PC:

This game is also a desktop version to play with the keyboard and mouse and make more fun with the team. PUBG mobile PC is also free just like as ios and android version of this game.

How to download pubg mobile pc 2020

Download PUBG mobile PC:

Here in this section we learn how to download this game for pc version.

To download the game is not so easy as to download on android or ios. But here the emulator helps to reduced the other extra work to do. The emulator offers more settings to set the graphics of the pc from 720p to 4k. You can also record the game while playing or take a screenshot during game with the emulator.

As I have told earlier that PUBG mobile pc and the emulator is completely free but due to it’s free type there can be some flaws also. One thing I want to clear with you that with this emulator it will only match those player who is using the same emulator also. With the help of this emulator you easily download the PUBG mobile pc.

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