How to Start Online Class, How to Start Zoom Online Classroom

Do you want to know that how to start online zoom classroom for your coaching or school? If you want to understand this, then you have come to the right place. Because you will get full information about it here.

Friends, all schools and coaching are closed due to lockdown in your country because safety is necessary first. And school coaching has been closed so that the crowd will not gather in one place.

But due to this, students have also stopped studying. In such a way that the students will not be disturbed, that is, Online Classes.

Anyway, slowly people of our country are moving towards the help of online technology, so why are you retreating? You can also start your online school or coaching class with the help of technology. And if you are a student, then in such a situation, tell your teacher to do an online class.

How to Start Online Zoom Classroom

If you want to know that how to start an online coaching or class. First you have to know what things are needed for online class. Like if you start any school or coaching offline then what are the things you need? You arrange a place for the students to sit and arrange the teacher so that the students can sit in the class. And ask the teacher questions and see what the teacher will tell you, is that it?

Now let’s understand online, first of all you need a platform where students can come and use that place, then for that you have to use some software or app or any already available platform.

How to Start Online Class, How to Start Zoom Online Classroom

The second thing you will have to do is that you should have a mic means microphone so that students can hear what you say and after that comes the third number. A camera means if the smartphone is the same camera or laptop, then use the laptop’s web cam Can make it clear that you will need these things.

  • A mic will be needed because the smartphone mic is not of good quality, so I would ask you to buy a collar mic so that the voice quality will be recorded like a professional online coaching class with very high quality during the start zoom online classroom.
  • Now if you start online class from smartphone then you will not need webcam because nowadays every phone’s camera is of very good quality. But still if you want to start class from laptop then you will not use laptop webcam. Because laptop webcam is not of good quality.
  • Therefore, you can buy a webcam with a separate USB webcam, such as logitech comes, I also use logitech’s web cam.
  • Now you will need an app or platform where you can start a class.

Steps to Start Online Classroom

If you want to start a school class or a coaching class, you can do it in these ways: –

  • Stream live on Zoom Classroom apps or apps like Google Meet or JioMeet
  • By creating a channel on YouTube
  • Uploading video on your website

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How to Start Zoom Online Classroom

Friends, the reason for the Zoom app has become very popular is that firstly when many people of the government department of our country used this app for a video meeting, then due to the case of cyber security and Chinese apps, it became big.

How to Start Online Class, How to Start Zoom Online Classroom

After this Zoom apps suddenly became very popular in the whole world and so all the schools and coaching people are also using this app, so you can use it if you want.

Let’s first give you information about start Zoom online classroom using app.

Friends, many people feel that Zoom is a Chinese company whereas the truth is that Zoom is a United States company. Now you will say that why there was a bubble then the reason for this is that most of its workforce is in China, so it was likely that China would control the data.

Creating YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform where you can run your class absolutely free because YouTube is a free video sharing platform, so if you are already running your coaching, then link your students every time after uploading the class video Can be sent to everyone.

How to Start Online Class, How to Start Zoom Online Classroom
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If you do not want to upload the video, then in such a way you can teach your students online by direct live stream and as soon as you leave the live class, then you will have the option to publish the video of that class or not.

Meaning that you want to see your live class students and then if the video is removed then it is also an option, now the question will come in your mind that how to do it?

For this, you should have only the email ID that is made on Gmail. Now you can stream live from the Play Store with the help of YouTube Studio apps or if you want to do it directly from the laptop, then after logging into YouTube you can live stream using it.

Uploading Videos on Your Website

If you do not want to use a free platform like YouTube and you want that you want to create a brand of your own, like a popular coaching class that only studies online, then it would be better for you to do your own online class by building a website or App.

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After this, you can upload the video on your website or the video that you have uploaded on YouTube will be embedded on your website so that you can have a different identity.

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