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Instagram DM are on Facebook Messenger Now

Instagram DM are on Facebook Messenger Now
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If you are an Instagram user then you must know about Instagram DM. If you want a quick conversation on social media then Instagram’s direct messages can be a good approach. But now you will see changes on Instagram DM, the Facebook messenger is now taking over it.

In a post of Instagram, they have described how the changes with Facebook messenger will empower the Instagram messaging experience. Now after this update, users can access the messages and calls with both apps.

Which is clearly meaning that in Instagram with Dm, it will reflect many awesome and big features of Facebook messenger like chat colors, reaction and watching videos etc.

Messenger with Instagram Dm

After this update now Facebook is also updating some new features like using selfie stickers in messenger like Instagram Boomerang. You can also see that the ‘Watch Together’ feature will be managed with the IGTV features. And you will also find a vanish mode which will delete the messages when it will be read.

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Requirement Update for Instagram DM

Now, you need not to install the Facebook messenger app for this updates. It will automatically reflect whenever you will get the updated version of Instagram. You can use Instagram to use these features. Even you wouldn’t be force to update your app. If you want to use the old Instagram. You can use those features.

This feature is not available in all the countries now but you will get it soon.


As we all know that Facebook messenger is used by millions of people globally. And they are happy with these features, they enjoy it, share, chat with others, etc. And we also know that now at that time Instagram is also growing and having millions of users. So to use the messenger features in Instagram DM, Facebook is updating.

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