What is Koo App and Who is the Founder | Owner | CEO of Koo App

Right now the Koo App is becoming so popular, in this case, you will also want to know about this Koo App. And what is the speciality of Koo App, so let’s take full information about it in this post.

What is Koo App

Koo App is an Indian indigenous microblogging platform, it is popularly known as Desi Twitter. On this platform, you can express your point, thoughts and you can do all this, whether in any format of text or image or video format, you can write it in all formats. If I would say in clear and cut way this is the Twitter of India in this technology generation. And this Koo App is available in all the regional languages of India.

Friends, recently, the Koo app has won the challenge in the social category under Digital India Atmanirbhar Bharat Innovation Challenge.

What is Koo App and Who is the Founder | Owner  | CEO of Koo App
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Feature of Koo App

Basically, if you are a Twitter user then there will be no more difference in both platforms. As you tweet your point or thoughts on the Twitter app, here you will do the same process in the form of ‘Koo’. And also like the retweet option on Twitter, here you will ‘re-Koo’ option which works the same as Twitter retweet feature. It also gives you the post-editing features which is not yet supported by Twitter.

Also, you will get the like, share and comment option. And it gives you direct options to share over Facebook and WhatsApp. And this can be really helpful to the Koo user to share anything about.

Koo App Founder | Owner | CEO

Aprameya Radhakrishna is the CEO, Co-Founder and Owner of this microblogging and question answering Indian platform. He is an engineering graduate from NITK Surathkal. And after working 2.5 years in Infosys, he completed his MBA from IIM Ahemdabad. He is also an angel investor of TaxiForSure, located in Banglore and now a part of Ola Cabs.

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Why Koo App become so Popular

Friends, it happened recently that some Indian accounts on Twitter were closed at the behest of the government. And there was going to be a meeting between the government and Twitter about some things, but before the meeting, Twitter posted about this on its blog post. Wrote that the government was asked to close the Twitter handle of some journalists. And media but will not do so keeping in mind the free speech.

After this, there was a ruckus about it on the internet and social media site Twitter. As well as the Indian government itself started creating its social media account on the “Koo” app and then on seeing this, the Koo app started trending on Twitter and this arrived in the news.

By the way, it is right in a way because till now many people did not know about it. That there is any India Social Media Platform “Koo” or else the use of at least native app has started increasing. By the way, always remember that all these companies depend on user data. So the more data a company has, the better the company will perform.

Frequently Asked Question


1. Who is Koo App Founder | CEO?

Aprameya Radhakrishna is the CEO, Co-Founder and Owner of this micro bloging and question answering Indian platform.

2. Koo App Which Country?

This is purely Indian App and also the investor of this platform are also Indian.

3. What is Koo App?

Koo App is an Indian indigenous micro blogging platform, it is popularly known as Desi Twitter.

4. How to download Koo App

You can simply download the koop app from Google Play Store and from Apple App store.

5. Character Limit on Koo App for Post

Till now there is a 400 character limit on this platform.

6. Can We edit the Koo Post?

Yes, update option is available on the koo which is not available on Twitter.

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