Made in India

The sentiment of Indian people during this India vs China situation and about the Chinese products give a path to the developers to think out of the box. And they developed app to detect Chinese products or Chinese apps.

Let's Know If a Product is Made in India or Not by This App
Made in India

As we have heard about the Remove China App (Which was taken down by the Google Play Store itself), Now again we have found an app for you which can detect an trace any product which is Made in India.
The name of the App is ‘ Made in India ‘. Two developers from Noida Mohit Jain and Akshay Tank thought about this idea. You can find the app in both Hindi and English languages.  Also the app developers declared that this app can identify any product manufactured in over 115 countries.
If we go to the app it clearly stated that, scan any product barcode and you will find the origin country of that product, this is to support local products of India.
This app works as it will display you the product’s origin country and also the brand origin country of product if it manufactures in India. And to test this app I have scanned some redmi smartphone which Made in India but it shows the originated country of the brand is China.
Let's Know If a Product is Made in India or Not by This App
Made in India
And also from the electronics and other products, I have also tested some small products which contains any barcode and they perfectly and accurately show that the product is made in India. You can clearly see the description what the app display if it detect India originated products.
Let's Know If a Product is Made in India or Not by This App
Made in India
So, if your are one of the Indians who are supporting #BoycottChineseProducts campaign then this app is a good initiative for all Indians to support Made in India products and supports India also.
You can download the product here.

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