10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon
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If we talk about the affiliate program. Then Affiliate Marketing on Amazon program is one of the best program on the planet of internet. And using this program the huge crowed earn less to huge money with Amazon Affiliate marketing. And there many reasons because Amazon Affiliate System is one of the best program to earn money online.

  • As we all know that Amazon is the world number one brand and e-commerce chain so the conversion may be highest.
  • Amazon contains more than 10 million products on their platform so you can promote anyone of them and earn a decent income online.
  • Using the same website of Amazon you can promote in 13 countries.
  • You get commission of all those products which customer buys and also not that products which you promote.

So if you are interested earning money with Affiliate Marketing may be the best opportunity. And it can be your first choice also. But the main question is how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Amazon.

10 Best Ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In this article. I am going to tell you, How you can become an Amazon Affiliate and start earning a handsome income. Here are the ways from where you can promote your affiliate link and convert to sale from accurate traffic.

Let’s start our learning from here:

10>> Paid Marketing

If you are thinking to earn lots of huge money through affiliate link then you need huge traffic for your affiliate product. In this world, many big affiliate marketers uses paid marketing to promote the products. And due to this they are able to earn 20000 dollar to 50000 dollars. You can use the google product service Google Ads.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

In the year of 2004 – 2005, you could directly add your affiliate link to google ads and start promoting it. But now google has changed it’s policies and you need a landing page to describe about that affiliate product. In this case first the visitor who will come through the ads will visit your page then go to the merchant website.

There is another way, Organic traffic is the best way to generate sales but it can be a little bit tough. Because at some products which you know good commission but the search traffic is too low. Then you can not get the organic visitors to here you need paid traffic for that type of products.

Traffic Generation

In this all terms you can get traffic from direct visitors and some of them social platforms, and some referral website traffic to generate sales. But if you already know about any product that has more search traffic and good conversion to sales. After visiting your site and reading your article people can purchase that product. Then paid marketing is a good way for Affiliate marketing on Amazon products.

With the paid marketing you can reach even those people who don’t know about the product which has not more search traffic. But with this technique it can reach to that person and they can even purchase it after reading your atrticle.

But if you are a beginner then this method is not recommended to you. I know you can earn huge amount of money through this. But as a beginner you can’t analyze about the correct keywords. So first you should learn more about these things and then start paid marketing for your affiliate products.

But most important note is that:

For the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, paid marketing is not recommended. Because Amazon doesn’t give too much commission on products so that I have placed it on 10th position.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon
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But if you think that there is any product which has good search traffic and more conversion rate then paid marketing can for the Amazon products can be tried.


There 3 most important things before starting paid marketing.

  • The type of affiliate programs you are targeting
  • Steps of doing paid marketing effectively
  • And last, the best platforms for paid marketing

9>> Mobile Application

To promote the affiliate marketing products of Amazon, mobile apps can be a good way. You need do develop an iOS or android app or you don’t know how to develop the mobile app. Then you can hire any freelancer on the fiverr or upwork. And if you don’t want to stuck in all these things then you can go for free app builder like appypie, andromo etc. You will have to pay some money to acquire the app.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

And after that you can publish it on Play store or App store. Where you app will be reviewed by the store and then after approval it will get published. It’s easier to get approval on play store and a little tough for App store. You need to get traffic for your android app also and for this you can try ASO i.e, App Store Optimization.

8>> Event Blogs

Event blogging is also a best way to promote affiliate products related to it. It needs a small micro niche website related on any event. There can be many events like festivals, special day, functions, award, etc.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

With the help of event blogging, you can target on a micro niche keywords and generate traffic on your website. After writing good article about events you can promote products which is similar to that event. And you can also write article about that event products.

There are number of events when people purchase products online. These events can be mother’s day, valentine’s day, christmas, diwali etc.

7>> Amazon Store

It can be also an excellent way to earn money through Affiliate Marketing on Amazon. If you are also interested in making money by creating an e-commerce Amazon store then you can easily create with wordpress, woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify etc.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

But all the listed products on your store will be redirected to the official Amazon store with your affiliate link. Which clearly means that all your visitors from your website will go to the Amazon merchant website and if they purchase any product their then you will earn commission from Amazon.

You can add some discount coupons as well as best selling products, hot selling products etc. You can also add signup form on your website so that if any user signup with your website then you can do email marketing of Amazon products also also. You can also sell your own products too through email marketing.

6>> Comparison Website

Some people have habits to research before purchasing any product. And after doing too much research they get confused about 2 3 products have similar features. And they will always ask to them self should I purchase this one or this one?

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon
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You have also experienced these types of circumstances in your daily life.

You can simply build a comparison website where you can compare products on the basis of their attributes. By doing this you can clear the confusion of the buyer through your website. And there can be a high chance of conversion to sale. As we all know that the final stage of buying any product is it’s comparison to other ones.

The user already know the product feature but from your comparison and some suggestion, they will be convince to purchase that product with your affiliate link.

There are lots of plugins available on internet which can be easy to create a comparison website. Because as I told it is the final stage for purchasing any product.

5>> Coupon Website

This step is another way to earn money through Affiliate marketing on Amazon and also for other websites. Everyone who is going to purchase anything online, first he try to search any coupon related to the product. So that they could get some discounts on products which they are purchasing.

If you create a coupon website they you can also earn lots of money by placing your link on that website based on the coupon. Because Amazon and many other companies provides coupons as well as offers on their product. You can find Amazon promo codes from your dashboard from promotion tab.

There are number of plugins and themes available on wordpress by which you can easily create your coupon website.

There are many companies on internet, which sells physical products, courses, software, training modules etc. They must provides different deals and coupons to sell their products. You can add these deals and offers on your coupon website. And if your website has good organic visitors then you can earn handsome income.

4>> Regular Blogs

Regular blogs like my blog SaimTechNews.

I know this is not a Affiliate blog but sometimes when I get chance to write about some gadgets then I definitely target the Amazon Affiliate link. You can also do this and target you audience to some products for Affiliate Marketing on Amazon.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

For example in my blog SaimTechNews, mostly I write about technology, gadgets and online earning then if I will write about and gadgets then I share my affiliate link inside that blog.

5 Best Portronics Gadgets to Gift This Diwali Under 2000 this is one of my blog where I explain about the product and also share my link of Amazon.

If you are also writing and working for this type of niche blog then you should search products as well as topic to write and link the Amazon afiiliate.

3>> Micro Niche Website

There are number of Affiliate Marketer earn a huge income with the micro niche websites. In this type of website you have to create the website for a single category or a single product. For example accessories, smartphones, headphones, clothes, protein powders etc.

There is a good chance to rank in Google of a Micro Niche Website if it is optimized and set-up.

But you have to so much careful during keyword research for micro niche website, because everything will be based on a single keyword maximum. You can use any keyword research tools like Semrush, Ubbersuggest, Keyword Planner etc. Some of them will be free and some will be in cheap price.

2>> Social Platforms

Sharing affiliate link on social platform is another best way to earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Amazon. But it will be only possible if you have a descent audience on social platforms.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

There are many social platforms on internet to promote products like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora and many more. And also YouTube is the most effective social platform for amazon affiliate marketing. If you want to earn from these platform it needs a huge audience where you have to publish engaging post on regular basis. So that people see your post and purchase your recommended items.

You will also see some channels or page on social platform which have millions of followers but don’t have too much engagement. It is because, it can be a video or post which went viral but they have no quality content. So always try to post unique and user perspective.

1>> Review Website

If you wish to earn thousand of dollars monthly from Affiliate marketing on Amazon then review website is one of the best way. And you can choose your niche base product from amazon.

10 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Suppose you are interested in technology then you can choose some niche related products like headphones, trimmers, pendrives, camera, etc and compare two products.

There are over 12 million plus products on Amazon you can choose anyone of them and share to earn money. You should choose that niche which is based on your interest bucket so that you could enjoy writing these reviews.

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