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Mobile back cover with photo has become a fad in a time when individuality and self-expression are paramount. With these personalised accessories, you can show off your individual style and memories while also protecting your smartphone. We’ll cover all there is to know about mobile back covers with images in this thorough guide, including what they are, why you should consider them, where to look for the finest options, how to make your own, and when they are the best option for you.

What is a Mobile Back Cover with Photo?

Smartphone protection cases with customised designs, mobile back covers with photographs. On the back cover, you can print your preferred images, works of art, or designs. These individualised covers come in a variety of smartphone models and are constructed from hard materials like polycarbonate or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to offer protection and fashion.

Why Should You Consider Mobile Back Cover with Photo?

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Mobile back covers with images are a great choice for a number of reasons:

Personalisation: Photo-adorned mobile back covers let you show off your uniqueness and ingenuity. Your smartphone can become a one-of-a-kind conversation piece when you display your favourite photographs, works of art, or designs.

Protection: In addition to being attractive, these covers offer your phone the necessary safeguards. They protect it against tiny drops, dings, and scratches to keep it in excellent condition.

Personalised mobile back cover with photo make extremely clever and enduring gifts. With a cover that displays unique memories or shared experiences, you can surprise loved ones.

Where Can You Find the Best Mobile Back Covers with Photo?

Take a look at these five dependable websites to find the best mobile back covers with photos:

YourPrint: Mobile back cover with photo is one of the many customisable goods available from YourPrint. It’s simple to add your images and make a custom design. Check Here

Zapvi: Zapvi is renowned for providing high-quality printing services. Full customisation is possible for their mobile back covers, including text, logos, and photographs. Check Here

Printshoppy: Mobile covers from Printshoppy, a company that specialises in personalised goods, are available. A variety of templates are available, or you can create your own from the start. Check Here

Printful: Printful provides a range of customised smartphone back covers with photo printing possibilities. If you want both flair and protection, this is a terrific option. Check Here

Beyoung: If you’re seeking original and creative designs, this website is perfect. Check Here

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How to Create Your Own Mobile Back Cover with Photo

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It’s simple to make a customised mobile phone back cover with a photo:

Choose a website: Select one of the aforementioned websites or any other reputable platform that provides mobile cover customization services.

Select a Phone Model: To ensure a precise fit, make sure you choose the right phone model.

Put Your Photo Here: The image you want to use as your cover should be uploaded. Ensure that it complies with the site’s criteria for resolution and size.

Customise: Use the website’s capabilities to further personalise your cover. Text can be added, the layout can be changed, and background colours can be chosen.

Review and Order: Double-check your design, then place your order when you’re happy. Most websites have a preview function that allows you to see what your cover will look like.

When Should You Choose Mobile Back Covers with Photo?

In many situations, photo-covered mobile back cover with photos are a great option:

Special Occasions: They make thoughtful presents for graduations, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Family and Friends: Making covers with images of loved ones will keep you in touch with them.

Branding: Companies can utilise personalised covers as giveaways or to strengthen their brand identity.

Artistry: If you’re a photographer or artist, these covers provide a platform for presenting your work.

Memorable Moments: Use a photo cover to remember vacations, nuptials, or other important occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are these covers compatible with all smartphone models? 

A: The majority of websites provide covers for numerous popular smartphone models. Make sure to order the appropriate model.

Q: Can I wash or clean my mobile back cover with photo? 

A: The type of cover material will affect the cleaning process. It’s a good idea to review the manufacturer’s care recommendations.

Q: Are these covers durable? 

A: Back coverings for mobile phones with pictures are normally made to be strong and to safeguard your phone. However, the brand and material may have an impact on how durable something is.

Q: Can I change the design of my cover after ordering it? 

A: Changing the design of an order is typically not an option once it has been placed. Prior to placing your order, always carefully review your design.

Q: Are these covers compatible with wireless charging? 

A lot of phone covers with photographs are made to work with wireless charging. Checking the product specifics for compatibility information is necessary, though.


For your smartphone, mobile back cover with photo offer a lovely fusion of customization, security, and design. These personalised covers offer a flexible solution for preserving memories, expressing your creativity, or giving a special present. You may turn your smartphone into a blank canvas for your ideas, highlighting the moments and designs that are most important to you, with the ease of online customising options. Investigate your options, let your imagination go wild, and let your phone represent your own personality.

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