New Spam Activity Indicator of Active Spammer's in Truecaller

 If you are an Android user you must have use or heard about the app Truecaller. Basically this app works as to provide you the caller information of the unknown numbers on incoming or outgoing calls.

If I say in simple words, it tells you all the caller information during call and also it watches on spam callers with bright red pop up notification. In this way of finding correct spammer Truecaller is trying to roll out it’s new feature in the form of Spam Activity Indicator for android users.

As you have read the name Spam Activity Indicator will keep a red eye on every number which is in spam category of Truecaller. And it will also show you that how many times a specific number has called to anyone from past 60 days. 

New Spam Activity Indicator of Active Spammer's in Truecaller

And for this feature it will be an exact idea that how much time a spammer is active. You will also see the number of filed spams on this number, and it will also give you a percentage according time which will clearly tell how active the caller was.

The New Spam Activity Indicator will also provide you the call activity, spam reports and usually call timings. And all these information will be in caller’s profile in your android app.

After seeing the spam activity dashboard of any caller you can better judge yourself which call should be attend by you or not and also they give you all these information on pop up during live calls you can also get it if you have activated the pop up notification.

Basically Truecaller is working daily to improve the spam activity and give you the correct information of any caller. If you randomly want to check any spam number you can directly go to the trucaller website and see the statistics. 

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