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Noise i1 Smart Glasses stand out as a true fashion icon in a world where technology and fashion coexist together. These cutting-edge eyewear accessories blend style, functionality, and smart features to create a powerful accessory that is also a fashion statement. We’ll go into detail about what makes the Smart Glasses unique, why you should consider them, how to get your hands on a set, when they’re useful, and more in our extensive guide. Let’s go out on a quest to learn about the future of eyeglasses.

What Are Noise i1 Smart Glasses?

This combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary design. They’re made to make you stand out from the crowd with a sleek silhouette that goes with many fashion tastes. Thanks to their replaceable lenses, these glasses are a multipurpose item that can be used for both work and play.

Why Should You Consider Noise i1 Smart Glasses?

noise smart glasses

Consider these Smart Glasses for a number of good reasons:

Style Icon: Noise i1 Smart Glasses are a style icon thanks to their contemporary design. They make a fashion statement in addition to being eyewear.

Eye Protection: UVA/B 99% protection is provided by the sunglass lenses, guaranteeing that your eyes are protected from dangerous UV radiation. Transparent lenses with blue light filters lessen eye fatigue, making them ideal for extended periods in front of screens.

Interchangeable Lenses: Your eyewear collection is more versatile if you can shift between several lenses. Noise i1 has you covered whether you want to cut down on screen glare or require sun protection.

Revolutionary Sound Design: These glasses have a ground-breaking sound design idea that directs sound directly to your ears, reducing escape to the environment outside. This guarantees a rich audio experience.

Multi-Functional Touch Controls: Noise i1 Smart Glasses include multifunctional touch controls that put you in control. Simple movements can be used to alter the volume, answer or decline calls, switch tunes, and access your voice assistant.

Impressive Battery Life: Thanks to InstachargeTM technology, you may play for up to 120 minutes after a 15-minute charge. entertained allow for a total of 9 hours of playtime, ensuring you are entertained all day.

Voice Assistance: Use voice assistance to communicate with your smart gadgets. Noise i1 facilitates tasks by supporting voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

Durability: These glasses are made to withstand everyday use. Due to their IPX4 water resistance, they are protected against unintentional spills and splashes.

Where Can You Get Noise i1 Smart Glasses?

Noise i1 Smart Glasses are available from a variety of sources, including online and authorised retail outlets. Make sure you buy from reliable suppliers to get authentic goods and warranty protection.

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How Do Noise i1 Smart Glasses Work?

smart glasses

Technology is effortlessly incorporated into fashionable eyewear to create the Noise i1 Smart Glasses. Their Bluetooth 5.1 connection to your smartphone gives them a wireless range of up to 10 metres. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices because to their support for Bluetooth profiles like AAC and SBC.

Convenient charging results in up to 9 hours of playback at 70% volume after a short 1.5-hour charge. You’re kept informed with a clear charging indicator.

When Do Noise i1 Smart Glasses Come in Handy?

i1 smart glasses by Noise

The Noise i1 Smart Glasses are useful in a variety of situations:

Daily Wear: These stylish sunglasses that shield you from UV rays and blue light will up your daily look.

Work: Blue light filtering helps to lessen eye strain when spending extended periods of time in front of devices.

Outdoor Activities: Without the need for conventional headphones, listen to music or make calls while moving about.

Voice commands: Use voice assistance to perform tasks without using your hands.

Casual Events: Wear them to casual events like parties and outings to make a statement with your trendy style.

FAQs About Noise i1 Smart Glasses

Q1. Are Noise i1 Smart Glasses waterproof? 

A1. The Noise i1 Smart Glasses are water-resistant to an IPX4 standard, making them resistant to spills and splashes.

Q2. What is the weight of Noise i1 Smart Glasses? 

A2. Their weight of about 47 grammes makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Q3. Can I control music, volume, and calls with Noise i1 Smart Glasses? 

A3. These glasses do include separate touch controls for voice assistants, music playing, call management, and volume.

Q4. What is the wireless range of Noise i1 Smart Glasses? 

A4. They provide up to 10 metres (33 feet) of wireless range.

Q5. Which voice assistants are supported by Noise i1 Smart Glasses? 

A5. The Noise i1 is compatible with well-known voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

Q6. What is the price of Noise i1 Smart Glasses in India? 

A6. The Noise i1 Smart Glasses are available in India for 6499 INR.

Q7. Are smart glasses useful? 

A7. Yes, smart glasses like the Noise i1 have a number of advantages that make them a significant addition to your daily life. These advantages include eye protection, hands-free functioning, and better elegance.

Q8. What are the disadvantages of smart glasses? 

A8. While there are numerous benefits to smart glasses, there are also some possible drawbacks, such as privacy issues with regard to the built-in cameras, the requirement for constant charging, and the steep learning curve for using their functions.

Q9. How long do smart glasses last? 

A9. Depending on usage and maintenance, smart glasses like the Noise i1 have a range of lifespan. They can provide dependable performance for many years if maintained properly and used.

smart glasses by Noise


Last but not least, Noise i1 Smart Glasses are more than simply eyewear; they offer a glimpse into the future of the fusion of fashion and technology. They raise the bar for eyewear by combining design, functionality, and smart features. The Noise i1 Smart Glasses are the ideal accessory for contemporary living, whether you’re protecting your eyes, listening to music, or using voice assistants. So why accept the usual when Noise i1 Smart Glasses allow you to embrace the extraordinary?

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