Nokia 4G on Moon $14.1m deal with NASA collaboration
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Let’s think that you are on moon and want to click pictures and post it on Twitter then Nokia can be a network to provide internet there. Nokia is working on a project which will provide Noida 4G on moon. The company was working to give high speed 4G internet connection on the Moon.

And for this project of Nokia 4G on Moon, American Space Agency Nasa has decided to give $14.1m to Nokia. Nokia of America Corporation that is getting the money. And for this mission Nasa has listed out many American companies for this.

Aim of Service

And to develop a technology that will help to make a way of sustainable Artemis operation on the Moon. Nasa has made a list of 14 companies. And also they have partner with small businesses for this technology improvements. And hoping to start these mission by end of this decade.

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Nokia 4G on Moon $14.1m deal with NASA collaboration
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To improve Nasa internet speed. Nasa is spending $370m and in this huge amount Nokia got $14.1m to develop the infrastructure of 4G services for Moon.

So the big question is here that. Why Nasa is too much spending for the communications and other services on the Moon? The answer is simple, in a statement. Nasa cleared that they want to build up an array of mission-ready capabilities to support sustainable presence on the moon. And in the future mission they can easily send to human on Mars.

As per United Press International report, This Nokia developed system can provide communication at greater distance to lunar surface. And it will increase the speed as well as will provide stability and reliability from current standard.

After working with these great companies Nasa internet speed will be good with top speed and Nokia 4g on moon will be a good step taken by Nasa.


As of this Nasa is working on too many projects. That can be too useful for the world as well as space missions. Nokia 4g on moon and many other communications will help Nasa for the more enhancement in technology.

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