Now Directly Grant Access to Google Drive Files in Gmail
Now Directly Grant Access to Google Drive Files in Gmail

As we recently seen that Gmail has rolled out their new logo. Now google is going to give feature of permission request to google drive files in Gmail. And after this cool feature you can now manage your drive access request directly in your Gmail without leaving page.

As per the google announcement it explains that when someone will ask you for granting access of your google drive files. Then you will get a dynamic email for that access where you can easily grant permissions. You can set Edit, Comment or View Rights access in your Gmail.

As we see in previous, we grant the request access after opening the document. And after the change in functionality of Google, it is now providing the good user experience to the users. And in this phase it is following the company’s new strategy of offering deeper integration inside the Google workspace.

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Now Directly Grant Access to Google Drive Files in Gmail
Image Source: Google

And also with this feature, Google stated that. To access the request email, it will also change the from address. Now the access request of the google drive file stream will come from [email protected].

And this feature is coming to Android, iOS and Web Gmail users. And will be applicable to both G Suite business account as well as personal Gmail accounts.

Users with dynamic email switch on will get a new experience by default. You can manage your dynamic email settings from Settings -> All Settings on Gmail -> View Dynamic Email. Google has already started the change, but it may take up to 15 days to appear on your end.


SO this was the news about google drive file stream and request access permission to the google drive files in Gmail. Google is working on the upgradation of it’s workspace to provide the good user experience. And to connect with the users y every portion Google is also making their every products logo in the typical google style colour.

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