Paytm App Removed From Google Play Store For Policy Violation
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Due to violation of google policies of anti-gambling in India, Google has removed Paytm app from Google Play Store. The tech giant of United States (US) has also took action on the Paytm fantasy gaming platform ‘Paytm First Games’. Because this app was promoting the gambling and violating google play store policies in India.

Why Paytm Removed?

The vice president of product for privacy and android security Suzanne Frey said. We don’t allow any type of unregulated betting games and also online casinos which provides betting on sports. She also said that if any app has huge amount of customer. And the app was redirecting them to another app or website where real money games are being held. It is a clear violation of their policies.

Paytm App Removed From Google Play Store For Policy Violation
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If we found any type of violation on any app. First we notify the developers of that app and then remove it from the play store. And if the app is doing more violation of the play store policies. She said, we suspend their play store account for lifetime.


Paytm was also in this phenomena and it was also violating the policies of sports betting and paid tournament websites. For this Paytm app was removed from play store.

Paytm Statement:

And the Paytm app is now not available on google play store for downloads. After listening this news user of Paytm has gone in shocked. And the company clearly stated that the money of the user’s wallet is completely safe. And also company promised that all the services will work similar which has Paytm installed in their phone.

Also they said that, this happened because of the partner app First Games connected with their Paytm app. If the Paytm will resolve all these issues which was violating the google play store policy of gambling in India. Then this app can return again to the play store. Well for this Paytm has to talk from Google team.

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