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In the gaming industry, If I talk about royal battle game then everyone will suggest play PUBG mobile. And this game became more successful because of it’s frequently updates and adding new features and seasonable events.

The play PUBG mobile is available for free on Android and iOS versions and it smoothly works with compatible devices. But some players also want to enjoy this game on PC/Laptop so they play this game using emulator.

The Game

In this article , we will briefly discuss about this game that how can be play it on the Gameloop Emulator.

How to Play PUBG Mobile global version on Tencent Gaming Buddy (Gameloop)

To play the game using emulator, Tencent Game Buddy is an official gaming emulator to Play PUBG mobile global. And It has been renamed as Gameloop Emulator. This emulator contains some good features by which it is used by a lot of players worldwide.

  • Lag-free gameplay with AOW Engine.
  • Minimum Requirements.
  • Supports 2K resolution.
  • Fast and accurate controller with mouse and keyboard.

Steps to Play PUBG mobile using Gameloop

Step: 1>

From the Tencent website download and install the gameloop emulator

Step: 2>

After completing the installation process, open it and search you game PUBG mobile.

Step: 3>

See the most relevant search result and click on the download button to download the latest version. If you have already installed the game then you will see an update button. If you haven’t the latest version, then update it.

Step: 4>

After pressing the download button, it will begin and after successful completion you can start play PUBG mobile.

To ensure a level playing field, emulator players will have a separate lobby and will be matched only with other emulator players and not with mobile users. It is important to note that the use of emulators is not allowed in official tournaments.

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