How to Post on Instagram from pc
How to Post on Instagram from pc

Sharing posts, photos and videos on social media is one of the coolest term of these decades. And this can be easy if you are using a smartphone. But if you are trying to, How to Post on Instagram from Pc without any help of smartphone. Then you should be aware from these easy steps.

Here in this article we will tell some easy steps by which you can easily do your Post on Instagram Pc. To use these steps you should have mac or pc and google chrome browser in it.

Why Post on Instagram Pc?

The question is why do this if you can easily do this with your smartphone. Why upload photos or post on Instagram from PC? The answer is many people uses DSLR camera to click photos and uploading these photos on Instagram is a workaround itself.

You will first edit your photos and then upload it on Google Photos or Drive and then download it in to your phone and then upload the photos. This process looks too much hassle.

Instead of doing these process, you can easily use the google chrome browser and follow some easy steps. Your photos will be on Instagram easily. Here are these steps you can lookout.

Steps to Post on Instagram from PC

Step: 1

At the first step open your browser from PC or MAC and go to the Instagram website. Here login to your account and redirect to homepage. Now from your mouse click right and find the word ‘Inspect‘ and click on it. You can also use the shortcut ‘ctrl + shift + I ‘.

After doing this it will split your screen in to two portion. The one side will have lots of HTML and CSS codes and the other side will have your Instagram homepage. You must ignore these codes and data and focus only on the other side.

Now at the code side on the top corner you will see an icon of phone and tablet. Click on that icon, you will see your page side has been changed to a device. Just like the image below.

How to Post on Instagram Pc
How to Post on Instagram Pc

Step: 2

Now at step: 2, you will have to choose a compatible device from page side as shown in the image below and set it’s size to fit to window or 75% as image.

Step: 3

As in step: 3 You have always setup these settings of step 2 because whenever the page will be refreshed. It will change to it’s original form.

Step: 4

Now in the step:4, You have to once refresh your page and you will see it is now converted to the mobile type Instagram and all the buttons like home, search, post, profile is now at bottom. You can simply click on it and upload your Post on Instagram pc.

How to Post on Instagram Pc


So here we have seen how we can easily post on Instagram pc. And this is not any type of harmful process. This is fully legal process and There we not be any effect to your account.

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