PUBG Mobile Getting Hit With Global DDoS Attacks, Disconnects
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DDoS Attack

The game developer of PUBG mobile state that it was hit by the Global DDoS attacks. In the mobile version of PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground ) the royal batting game got several waves attacks by the DDoS.

The game development team has officially tweeted about the attack, that it was disconnecting the players from the game servers. And also said that our team is actively monitoring this and will fix it soon.

Reason of Attack

PUBG mobile is working on a daily basis to fight against hackers from released of 2017. And they have also banned over 2 million accounts, which were cheating in the game. But the hackers are continuously trying to hit the game.

The game title has also been attacked by hackers in the form of DDoS. And the aim of hackers was to unavailable some services for the intended users.

When these attacks were performing by hackers, the game players have reported this issue to PUBG mobile development team. After this the team has posted on twitter and Facebook for the users that they are closely monitoring. Also said that they will soon come back with this solution. They are getting in touch with the local server also.

After the 20 hours completing the issue has not resolved by the development team. They have also provide the opportunity of anti cheat to the players and may be released soon.

After this announcement, the anti-cheat update will be available to the players soon. The team are working with many security experts to provide a reliable solution for this attack.


PUBG mobile developers are trying hard to improve the security patch over this anti-cheat update which will be released soon. As we all know that it is fifth most downloaded game on the planet. 627 million downloads till September 2020.

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