QR Code scanner technology to watch movies

If you are mobile phone user and you have a bank account which is connected with any app like Google Pay, Bhim, Phone Pe or any other UPI app or Paytm, then you must have heard or seen QR Code Scanner for these types of payment system. But now we are not going to talk about the payment system QR Code Scanner technology.

In this article we will discuss about watching movies with the QR Code.

QR Code Technology:

Innovations are the part of life, when anyone face any problem they innovate some new ideas. Which it resolve the problem and give birth to the new technology. And here in the technology of QR Code Scanner which is basically used for payments sytem using UPI, will now be used for watching films also.

Watching Movie with QR Code:

And an entertainment industry named start-up FilMe innovates this technology to watch movies with the help of QR Code. And due to this technology it makes the life more fun and easier and also economical while watching movies.

The entertainment company FilMe said that now viewer don’t have to pay monthly commitment or subscriptions or searching for movies on smartphones which they want to watch. With the FilMe, viewers can watch the movie with pay per view method. Which means that they have to only scan the QR Code from the phone scanner. And start watching the movie and even they don’t have to download any app only QR Code and the movie is started.

How to Watch with QR Code Scanner:

This is offered to the user with a weekly period of time in just Rs. 30 only. And also viewer can also share it with their friends and family. Which means they provide multi viewing system. You can also watch movies on TVs with the help of this QR Code technology.

QR Code scanner technology to watch movies

And this company FilMe is now started there operations from first week of September. Which can be a barrier for the existing movie platform like Google Play Movies, iTunes, YouTube etc. And FilMe has now started acquiring the top rated and quality content available on the watching platform for their users.

Statements on QR Code Technology:

The founder of the FilMe has said, They are working only for the viewers by which they wouldn’t pay a subscription of 3-4 month and even they don’t use it well. Viewer will only pay to those content which he/she want to watch. And also they browse millions of content for free.

They also said that with QR Code technology, viewers will enjoy all the movies with less price. And without any hesitation of downloading any app. Just scan the QR Code scanner and start watching.


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