Swimming Pool Features in Technical Term: Water

You may have heard about water swimming pool or also have seen a swimming pool in movies or anywhere. But seeing this you have not thought about it’s technical term and many more features. So in this article we will discuss about the technical aspects of swimming pool.

With the term of technology we have categorized these features in three parts on the basis of it’s technicality, so let’s see:

Shiny, Multicolor LED Lighting:

This is a advance way of using technology, like providing high quality shiny and multi color LED(Light Emitting Diode) lighting to your pool, spa, water features. And it will look like heaven with bright energy lights, operating lifespans LEDs which are even more famous for US homes also.

We can use these LEDs in multiple colors and then we can set a rotate which will generate multi color into the pool. In these technical era these are available on your mobile app and can connect with it for great lighting effect.

Virtually Chlorine-Free Purification:

Just imagine you are enjoying in a swimming pool without any hesitation of dry skin, red eyes, bleach like fumes and other chemical products which are harmful.

It is possible with the Ozone(O3) which is a special farm of oxygen, Which are used in every resort, pool and even in the Olympics pool which also quite famous in US. Basically it provides chlorine free water.

Water and Time Saving Filters:

This is a big problem of swimming pools, no one want to clean the pool and also no one want to waste the water of the swimming pool. So they invented a new idea of using antimicrobial filters for cleaning of pool water.

It also depends on the swimming pool, like how bigger it is. Big capacity filter will be needed for this in cleaning the water.

There are number of extra technologies are used in the swimming pools to provide good quality and features to the customers.

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