How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal Private Messanger

As we all know WhatsApp messenger has recently made changes in its privacy policy and got stuck. And people started searching for the WhatsApp alternative apps. In this situation the CEO of Tesla company Elon Musk tweeted ‘Use Signal’, and people started installing signal. And this app went in the top of the app store and google play in some countries like Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, and Switzerland. So if you have decided to delete your WhatsApp and want to use signal. So in this article we will switch from WhatsApp to Signal.

Switch from WhatsApp to Signal

If you have ever searched about best WhatsApp alternatives then you must hear about Signal messaging. So let’s get started with the article about WhatsApp to Signal journey.

Create a Signal Account

Now here, to enter inside the community of signal you must have a smartphone with a sim so that you can connect with your friends. However, the development team of Signal has confirmed on Reddit about the User ID system on the signal. Which means in the future you will be able to connect with others without phone number via a user id just like Telegram.

Signal App is available on many platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux system. You can easily download the latest version on their official website based on your device. And just like WhatsApp, if you want to access the desktop version then you have to first create an account on a mobile device. To create the account just open the installed app and enter your phone number and select your country and press next. It will redirect you to the OTP verification page which will be sent to your number. Enter the OTP and verify it.

Moving Personal Chats to Signal

Now we have created our account or registered ourself on Signal and ready to switch from WhatsApp to signal. So before moving chats you should remember one thing you have some valuable old chats. Because it might not be a good way to move from WhatsApp to signal. Instead of you can save the copy of your old message as a text file and save it on Signal.

How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal Private Messanger
How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal Private Messanger

If we talk about the process of exporting chats from WhatsApp to Signal then choose to export your chats to a text file and save it in the Signal’s Note to Self section. You can choose both with media files or without media files during exporting the chats.

How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal Private Messanger
How to Switch from WhatsApp to Signal Private Messanger

When you completed the exporting chats step then you can start a new conversation on tapping the pencil icon on the bottom right. here you will see the list of contacts which is registered on Signal, you can start a conversation with them.

So currently there is no direct method to move chats and switch from WhatsApp to Signal, only this method is available on Telegram Messaging App.

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