top android 11 features released
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Finally the wait of Android 11 is completed and the OS is now released. Google pixel phone has started getting update of Android 11. And hopefully more devices will get the updates within this week or month. Just like the past android OS updates, It does not changes the whole UI or features. But some awesome Android 11 features you will see in this update.

Here in this article we are choosing the top android 11 features that is much suitable for your device. Otherwise there are 100s of features have been rolled out with this update.

Media Controls:

The first feature is that now media option under the notification panel will not be cleared. Like if you are listening song and using multiple app you can slide them and choose what to do. Also if you pause the song and clear the notification it will not clear the media app. And simply you can listen the songs after long time, when you want to listen.

top android 11 features released

There is also a hide option of media controls, from where you can easily hide or show the controls.

Message Bubble:

This Android 11 features is also nested with the notification panel. In this it will separate it with the name conversation from other notifications. Where user can directly chat with others.

top android 11 features released

It will also give the option to create that chat like bubble. And resize the chat area just like the Facebook Messenger app. But this feature update will be dependent on the manufacturer. They can decide how to show this feature. And android will not update it.

Screen Recorder:

When android started there was one good feature missing that was screen recorder. And the user have to use third party apps for this. Because these apps are unable to access your device internal audio. Google try to inbuilt this feature in android 10 but now it was shifted to android 11 features.

top android 11 features released

You can simply find it on your notification area. If not just click on edit button and add it to your notification. But currently all the screen recorder feature is not available in it. Like front camera, over lapping etc. But google will keep updating it.

Power Button:

Before the android 11, when we press the power button it show us a pop up of power off, restart etc. But now after the update it will show full page of power button, including restart and smart home devices and digital wallet control also.

top android 11 features released

But it does not required to the manufacturer to use this feature. Even google pixel is providing it. But Samsung phone using One UI is not providing this.


Whenever a new mobile operating system updates comes. It contains some new emojis with itself. And android 11 has also released 117 emoji list in this update. All emojis are from unicode 13.0 emoji set.

top android 11 features released

To make this trend on the way android 11 has also make some changes to the previous emojis. And re-launch them with some new addition.

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Temporary Permissions:

This is a good feature for the security and privacy purpose. Because android 10 has also started this on the temporary bases like restricting the device id. But in this update it will give you access to provide less permission like use location while app is on. And after that the app will unable to use the device location.

Wireless Android Auto:

Android auto is a feature in which it connects your device with your car using usb cable. This feature was available to the pixel phones in 2018 and Samsung was later added this. But after the official android 11 features it will be available to all devices running Android 11.

To use this feature of wireless your device must support 5GHz Wi-Fi (Available in most devices).

Notification History:

This is the brand new feature, if you have ever thought after clearing your notification. That you have cleared some notification without checking missed one of them. Then it will be available in the notification history after the android 11.

You can easily find it in settings>>notification. And if not just try to search notification history and it will be there. You have just turn on the alert and you will get the history of recent 24 hours.

Pin Apps in Sharing:

This is also a helpful feature if you are sharing some file to someone. In the sharing menu, it shows the apps in alphabetic order, or self suggested. Which is so annoying to the users. But now you can simply pin your favorite apps to share. Like WhatsApp, Photos etc.

Dark Mode Schedule:

Dark mode in android 10 was a really good feature but there was a flaw that it was not supporting scheduling. Google implemented some feature of dark mode for sun rise and sun set earlier to the pixel phone in the togggle theme. But now in android 11 features it is officially supported for every phone.

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