Top Google Products List in Google Workspace
Image; Google Cloud

Google is now trying to move completely from it’s old G suite branding to the new Google workspace branding. So it is now adding it’s top google products like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Meet.

And with workspace, Google is embedding top google products in this list to give better experience to the enterprise users together. To complete this action plan, Google is now integrating Chats, Rooms, and docs in to Gmail for the paid users. This was announced in the Google Cloud Next 20 event to merge all products in google workspace.

With this integration, now you can easily check the linked files in sheets, docs, and slides without opening any new tab. For this feature it will save the user time and will be easy to use also.

Top Google Products List in Google Workspace
Image: Google Blog

The other products is not restricted to workspace. Company said, they will try some new products to add in workspace soon. Also users are already getting Google Meet in Gmail.

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If we talk about Google Meet inside the Gmail, the company is trying to add the picture in picture feature for G Meet to Slide, Docs and Sheets soon. This feature is already available in Gmail and Chat.

Alongside it’s rebranding of Workspace, the company is also improving the features of guest access. Very soon, users will be able to communicate with guest on documents in chat room. With this feature users will able to work frequently with users outside their organization.

Top Google Products List in Google Workspace
Image: Google Blog

Google Workspace will show a ‘smart chip’ consisting of contact details and suggested actions when someone outside your organization mentions you in a document.

With all these features and integrations, there will be a minor change in price of Google workspace. According to the new plan of the company it will be now $18 per user (approx 1300 RS monthly). In this plan user will get extra security enhancement and better management with top google products.


All is set for the company now, they are started rolling out the top google products icons of Gmail, Docs, Slide, Sheets, Meet, Calendar etc. And in the coming months it will be all in a row of beautiful google colour. And these services will be same as the Microsoft product.

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