Twitter Removes Fake Accounts Posing as Black Trump Supporters
Twitter Removes Fake Accounts Posing as Black Trump Supporters

Twitter confirmed Tuesday, It has permanently deleted fake accounts from their platform. Because they are posting and posing as Black Trump Supporters of US President. And they were spreading disinformation due to presidential election.

Twitter also said that they are seeing and investigating every tweet with a sharp eye. And removing accounts and tweets which are not following Twitter policies. And this time we have removed some accounts as well as tweets, which were violating the rules.

The Washington Post confirms this violation and spam after an investigation of Black Trump Supporters. They have also found some posts which were violating the Twitter rules. These posts were information intending to artificially amplify. And they were trying to manipulate the user interaction on other people.

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Twitter Statement

Twitter confirmed that among the over two dozen accounts taken down were @CopJrCliff, which depicted the image of a Black police officer, President Trump, and the words “VOTE REPUBLICAN.” In a sign of foul play, the accounted tweeted just eight times but garnered 24,000 followers.

As per the investigation, it was found that many accounts were reportedly sending messages in favour of President Trump. Some of them were using Black American images to be a part of Black Trump Supporters with their Twitter account. And they were claiming to be a part of the Trump group.

Twitter Account

The @CopJrCliff fake accounts use a photo of Portland Ore, a policeman told that this man is not yet using social media. Clemson University Media Forensics Hub’s lead researcher Darren Linvill said that it is not a good way of war. They will not do it so long, and always available so cheap to produce that and you can find them without a lot of work. Thank you, Twitter.

In addition to accounts depicting Black Trump supporters, other accounts removed included fake Twitter account for White House staffers. Twitter did not say whether it is suspected that foreign intervention efforts in the election were behind the fake accounts, but it would publicly disclose any such findings.

Trump and the GOP have asked black supporters of the president to cut the margin of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden among voters of colour. While Trump has no chance of winning the majority of the votes cast by black Americans, even his modest 2016 reforms hurt Biden’s chances in major swing states like Michigan, North Carolina, and more.

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