how to use instagram dark mode in easy steps


After the introduction of dark mode feature in devices. All the apps started rolling out their dark mode versions. Instagram Dark Mode looks great and also easy to use. It provides and alternative schemes of colors. Which replace the usual Instagram’s white interface with black and grey shades.

Instagram Dark Mode can help you to improve your smartphone’s battery life. If you are using your smartphone too much, if I tell tou in a little technical term. The white pixels of the display system uses more battery power than the black one’s.

This reason is true for the screen which have amoled display, in this the black pixels shut off entirely. Many people also says that dark mode also reduces eye strain particularly at night.

The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said when it revealed in October 2019 for the users. You must have the latest version of any mobile operating system. For the Android OS, it should be 10 and for the iPhone it should be iOS 13.

Now let’s learn how can be activate these features in mobile OS.

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Instagram Dark Mode for iOS(iPhone):

If you have using the latest version of iOS 13 in your iPhone then by following these steps you can easily turn the on the dark mode in Instagram.

  • Tap on settings and open it.
  • Select the option ‘Display and Brightness’ and Tap
  • Click on Dark so that you can change the theme
  • Now launch Instagram

Instagram Dark Mode for Android:

how to use instagram dark mode in easy steps
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Now here to activate dark mode in Instagram for the devices which are running Android 10. Follow us

  • Click on settings on your phone
  • Go to the display section
  • Now press on dark mode to activate
  • Now start Instagram

Ways to Save Power in Instagram:

So in the above, we have learn how to activate Instagram dark mode. But what if you don’t have the compatible versions of operating systems in your phone. The here are some ways which can be helpful to save battery while using Instagram.

Just open your app and click on the three dots and open settings of Instagram and click on the Account>> Mobile Data Usage and turn on the Data Saver.

By doing this, you will save lots of data from this and it will not pre-load the videos of the app.

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