What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

To make money via internet Affiliate Marketing is a best option. But there are number of people in this world who want to earn money online. But don’t know What is Affiliate Marketing.

I have heard from many people that they are interested. And want to earn money online by doing some simple tasks for their extra income. And only few people are ready to work hard for the online stable income.

There is no other good way than Affiliate Marketing after Google Adsense to make huge income. And these are not as simple as PTC(Paid to Click) sites or online surveys.

Before you start your journey of online earning you should have deep understanding of What is Affiliate Marketing. And how can you make $1000 of dollars by this platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To understand this, I will give an example of a real life, so that you can understand in a very good way.

Friends, if you go to any market near you, then you definitely see some shop. And there is also a stuff in the shop that the shopkeeper sells. Now assume that you are opening a showroom of a company such as a cloth or Now a four wheeler and two wheeler like vehicle, You will show the goods whenever the customer comes to your shop and when the customer likes it, you will sell at MRP rate or after giving some discount.

After that you will be very happy that if the goods are sold today, there will be some profit, it means there will be commission.
When you do this process, people around you will tell you that you are a very intelligent person, because you have opened a shop and you are making profit.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

But you tell me one thing that in order to open a shop, you have to first buy or rent a place, then the company whose goods will be sold in it will have to book it by giving money in advance and then the shop will start then when will the goods sell? Depends on your skill or the quality of the product you are selling.

Now I am saying that the shop system is completely useless and the idea is useless?
In such a situation, you will also get angry with me because people all over the world are doing the same and earning a lot of money.

But what I am going to tell you, you do not need to take any place in it nor to give advance money, but the profit will be the same and maybe more than that because I am talking about What is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate marketing is technique by which you promote the products or services of any company or website over internet. And you will get paid commission on every successful lead or sales.

Affiliate Marketing Examples & How Does It Work

If we talk about the example, here are some. You can become affiliate marketer of the leading e-commerce brand Amazon. And start promoting their products to the needy people through a link which is known as ” referral or affiliate link”.

You can earn from affiliate marketing of Amazon up to 4% to 15%, whenever any customer click on your Amazon affiliate and buy that product. There are lots of merchant available who pays when anyone makes inquiry or signup using your link. You can also do marketing and get paid of signup or inquiry.

How to Start and Earn From Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to earn money by selling or promoting other companies products or services. Then you have to follow these 4 simple steps.

  • 1>> Search for the best affiliate program on internet
  • 2>> Signup for that affiliate program and generate your unique link
  • 3>> Using that affiliate link start promoting their products or services
  • 4>> Make sales and collect cash
What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of e-commerce platform, online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Myntra, Commission Junction etc available. You can be a part of their affiliate program by signing up and providing some basic information.

You can start with a single affiliate from the merchant website or you can also be a part of Affiliate Network. Where by using the single platform you can easily promote dozens of big merchants.

What is Affiliate Marketing Network

There are lots of online merchants available who contains best products as well as services but due to some reasons they don’t have any affiliate program.

  • They can not afford the program
  • Also they don’t have the mechanism of tracking affiliate links
  • They can’t handle the system and make the outsource processes

And due to these types of problems here come the Affiliate Network which provides supports with their excellent software systems. And handle all the link and payment system to the affiliate marketer as well as merchants.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

As we all know that Amazon is the huge and largest e-commerce chain on this planet with up to 10 million plus products. And everyone knows that Amazon can’t share or do SEO of every products to sell and reach the exact customer. So Amazon provides it’s fully customize and user friendly affiliate program with it’s own tracking dashboard.

And whenever user sign up for the Amazon affiliate program they get their own dashboard and can generate link of any products available on Amazon. If you make sale of any product from Amazon using your affiliate link then you get paid commission. The commission can be based on the product type and it could be 4% to 15%.

How to Promote the Link and When Get Paid

Before promoting any link you have to understand the difference between marketing and promotion. There are lots of ways and platform available to promote any affiliate link or product. And Blog or website is one of the most widely used platform on this internet world.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

You can easily start a fresh blog on WordPress or Blogger and start writing contents about that products or service. And inside that content you can use your affiliate link and tell your visitors to buy from your link.

People will visit your website or blog and read your content about that affiliate product or service or reviews. And they click on the affiliate link if they shows some interest then you get paid for purchasing or visiting merchant site. But only creating your own website or blog and writing content on it, is not enough. You should need some decent targeted audience also. There are lots of ways in Affiliate marketing to get traffic, by SEO, PPC programs or promotion etc.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth it

If I personally talk about it. Then I will only say that It is a biggest place where you can sell any product even without your own online or offline store and earn from affiliate marketing. You will feel like you are the only owner of the product if if you convert sales. To earn from this market you have to only convert customers into sales that’s it. You don’t need to worry about product delivery, stocks or anything about the stores.

The merchant will handle everything and you will only get paid. And the other portion of worth is it’s commission which can be up to 70%. And in some cases it can be up to 90%, and it’s not a joke it is right there some hosting companies or membership website which provides a lifetime commission for their affiliate link. Whenever users purchase membership plan from your affiliate link. So it can be tank of money.

So if you are too interested and have some passion about affiliate sales then don’t wait just signup now to any affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

To explain this term I will only say one thing that every successful Affiliate marketer was once a beginner so don’t hesitate before starting. DO some research about pricing and signup and start earning. I am here giving some action plan by which you can start a initial step and start growing.

Join an Affiliate Program

If you also want to earn from affiliate marketing then this the time to start by selecting best affiliate programs. Join any of the program and do some research and study about 4-5 days and then select your choice. Once select then also include your hobbies and interest in it. Which will be beneficial in the future.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

Choose The Product

As I told you before to include your interest, here you can choose the product with your interest. Because you can tell everyone too much if the product is in your interest list. Like if love traveling then you can tell about places and if you are a tech lover then gadgets can be better option.

Research Demand

Now here in this step, you have to do some research about the product. And choose up to 2-3 products which should be in trend. You can check it by Google Adword platform, or Google Trends or YouTube.

Spend more time before choosing a right product and choose one which has a great demand and potential also.

Promote that Product

There are lots of ways and platform available on the internet from where you can promote your affiliate marketing products. And by creating a review base site to promote the product is an easiest way to earn from affiliate marketing. A review site can be explained as when a user purchase any product and then write some review about that product then it can be review site.

And if you are thinking about review site then you should purchase the product and after using it, you should right a review. Because this can be the last step of a user which can convert sales. Because everyone want a decent review before buying any product.


At the conclusion end I will only say that all the above techniques will only work when you will work hard and with some patience. Because in the initial step , it can be possible you don’t convert any sale but don’t be demotivate and try once until your success. These are some steps of What is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from affiliate marketing. I hope you will learn something new from this article, don’t forget to share with you friends and family members.

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