In this internet world everyone is connected with this, and this process is going to continue. And you must also have heard about the IP address, whether in your mobile or on the Internet. And you might have also thought what is this IP address. 

What is an IP Address? What is My IP Address?
IP Address
Does this happen in all electronic devices? If it is, then what is the IP address of my phone? And how to check it? So in this article we will learn all the information about this.
Before starting this I would like to tell you that internet technology and digital devices which is connected to internet are growing very fast and also the internet users. The planet is now going towards the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and many other technologies. 
And also remember that if a device is connected with the internet then the device must contain an IP address.

What is An IP Address?

The full form of IP Address is Internet Protocol Address. Basically this is a technical address when any device is connected to internet it should have an IP.
Let us know this in a simple way, let’s assume we have a parcel and I want to send it to my friend then how will i send it. The answer will be, take the address of your friend and send it by courier.
What is an IP Address? What is My IP Address?
IP Address
Yes, Correct now understand it in internet language. We all know that internet is a network where all the devices like mobiles, computers and all digital devices are connected. And internet is basically used for sharing information from one device to other device.
Now the question comes in mind that how to send information without any address. Now at this phase the term IP Address introduced. That every digital device which is connected to internet must have an address for sharing information from one device to other.
So i hope you have understood about the IP Address, now one more question comes in mind that what is Protocol in IP Address?

What is Protocol in IP?

We have learn about the IP address and It’s full form that is Internet Protocol Address. And we understood everything about Internet but what is Protocol?
Basically the meaning of Protocol is rules and regulations.And Without rules and regulations, no big level work can be done easily. So all the devices connected with internet will have an IP Address.
As if you are reading this blog from your mobile or computer then your device will also have  an IP Address. 
As if you go to your browser and search for my blog then your phone or computer IP search for my blog IP and send a request to the server and you see the pages of my blog on your browser because it go to the correct IP. This is why every device will contain an unique IP Address.
And to share information from one device to another correctly the protocol has been introduced.

What is My IP?

If you want to know your public IP address then go to Google and in the search bar simply type what is my ip and press the search button. Google will show your public IP Address.
What is an IP Address? What is My IP Address?
Know My IP

Versions of IP?

At this time mainly two type of IP versions are being used.
  • IP version 4 (IPv4)
  • IP version 6 (IPv6)
Here IPv4 is based on 32-bit address and IPv6 is based on 128-bit address.
When the use of internet and the user and also the devices is growing simultaneously then IPv6 was introduced.
Because IPv4 can only contains upto because of 32-bit. So in the IPv6 it is modified to 128-bit.

If you are a Jio user and if you search in Google for your IP then it will be too long because Jio is using IPv6 from starting.
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